The Best Nature Documentaries on Netflix Will Make You Worldlier

Updated 05/05/19

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Unfortunately, in Los Angeles, there aren't a lot of green spaces that aren't luxury golf courses, so as odd as this might sound, I often turn to Netflix to watch nature documentaries to fill the tree-shaped void in my field of vision. Although some of my personal favorites are no longer streaming on the platform (Netflix, if you're reading this, please bring back Chasing Ice and Virunga), there are still lots of nature-focused films worth adding to your queue.

After scrolling through the media giant's current offering, I'm recommending the eight best nature documentaries on Netflix that will, without a doubt, make you worldlier. From a visually stunning film about the migration of the monarch butterfly to an eye-opening look at the illegal ivory trade, these are the flicks that I think everyone should watch this Sunday night. Now, all that's left to do is pop some popcorn.

Encounters at the End of the World

Filmmaker Werner Herzog chronicles his journey to Antarctica as he visits McMurdo Station, the United States' largest research center on the continent. Not only does Encounters at the End of the World showcase the hauntingly beautiful landscape, but it also explores the minds of the scientists studying the otherworldly wildlife there.

Encounters at the End of the World

The Ivory Game

Leonardo DiCaprio's latest documentary, The Ivory Game, exposes the deep-rooted corruption driving the global ivory trafficking crisis. Filmed over the course of 16 months, filmmakers went undercover to gain intel on the trade. The film watches more like a thriller, but shockingly, it's all true.

The Ivory Game

Planet Earth

BBC's Planet Earth claims that you'll see the world "as you've never seen it before," and honestly, the series does not disappoint. From the frozen tundra to the fertile rain forests, the 11-episodes series delivers compelling information and imagery, not to mention, it's narrated by naturalist David Attenborough.

Planet Earth

The Blue Planet

This BBC series goes beyond the territory covered in Planet Earth and dives into the depths of the seas. The Blue Planet, also narrated by legendary naturalist David Attenborough, spans coasts of various continents around the world and covers a range of creatures from microscopic coral polyps to blue whales.

The Blue Planet

Colombia: Wild Magic

Colombia: Wild Magic showcases the biodiversity of the northernmost South American country. From the Caribbean coast to the Amazonian forests to the southern deserts, this documentary literally covers a lot of ground. While the landscape is undeniably beautiful, the film also underscores its fragility.

Wild Magic


Yet another David Attenborough narrated nature documentary, Life, explores the strange evolutionary adaptations animals on our planet have made in order to survive. The 11-episode series took around four years to film, covering every continent and habitat on earth. Consider this series the prequel to Planet Earth.


The Discovery Channel and BBC unite to shoot six hour-long episodes about the incredibly diverse continent of Africa. Narrated by our favorite, David Attenborough, this series is yet another visual feast with incredibly never-before-seen footage of the animals, flora, and fauna that dominate this incredible landscape.

Frozen Planet

Once again, David Attenborough lends his voice to another BBC documentary, and this time they head to the Arctic and Antarctic regions to chronicle life in one of the harshest environments on earth. Filmmakers spent a phenomenal 2300 days in the field and 18 months at sea to record this incredible footage and showcase the breadth of life in such a barren place. 

Natural Curiosities

He's worked on some of the best nature documentaries ever made, but what are some of David Attenborough's favorites? In this Netflix series, he takes viewers on a trip around the world courtesy of his favorite natural curiosities of the animal kingdom. Think armored giants and crafty insects, there is so much to love and learn. Prepare to be in a state of awe and wonder in this highly enjoyable series. 

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This post was originally published on July 7, 2018, and has since been updated.

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