Top 10: Nutcrackers

1 Don't be fooled by this nutcracker's slim profile, it's silicone wrapped frame allows you to comfortably crush any nut. Nutcracker Red, $56, Normann Copenhagen
2 This squirrel, or scoiattolo as the Italians would say, will become your little friend this holiday season. Scoiattolo Nutcracker, $134, Alessi
3 A no frills, no messing around, no funny business solid zinc nutcracker. It's time to get crackin'. Solid Zinc Nutcracker, $37, Kauffman Mercantile
4 Just as Jimmy Stewart says in It's a Wonderful Life, "You want the moon? Just say the word and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down." We'll take ours in nutcracker form, thanks Jimmy. Design Toscano Victorian Crescent Moon Ironwork Nutcracker, $22, Walmart
5 Who knew a mushroom could be strong enough to crack open your walnuts? We seriously underestimated them with this handcrafted wood toadstool. Handcrafted Wood Nutcracker, $20, Red Envelope
6 Bing Crosby never mentioned that before you sing "chestnuts roasting by an open fire," you need to score them with this aluminum chestnutter so they won't explode. Harold Imports Chestnutter, $25, Amazon
7 This stainless steel nutcracker has the utilitarian design of a bank vault, though the nut may not be as rewarding to crack. Blomus Cino Nutcracker, $36, All Modern
 8 Not only does this nutcracker look as if it could take flight, but it also features a tray so your shells don't go flying. Vacu Vin Nutcracker, $25, JC Penney
9 You really don't need any other tool this holiday season as this steel and wood nutcracker can also open champagne bottles. Borner Nutcracker, $15, Sur la Table
10 While we enjoy munching on nuts by a roaring fire, squirrels absolutely love it. So, leave this cast aluminum buddy to his favorite pastime. Nutty Squirrel Nut Cracker, $19, Cooking