These Are the Coolest Things to Do in New York: A Gift Guide

No material gift can really compare to an unforgettable experience—the one that you'll remember forever. While the pressure is mounting to find the perfect gift this holiday, we're fully endorsing skipping the cashmere sweaters and colognes in favor of a shared experience that will mark your memories forever. And what better place to share that experience than in the heart of New York City?

Whether you're a jaded Manhattanite or a bright-eyed tourist, you'll equally enjoy these experiences that will give you a taste of the best of New York. These are not your average Sex and the City walking tours or Broadway shows. From enjoying a 24-course Michelin-starred meal to jumping off a 23-foot platform on a trapeze, or flying through the city skyline at sunset—there's a little something for every taste and budget. Big Apple dwellers and visitors alike, you'll never forget these best of New York experiences.