8 One-Pot Meals That Blew Up on Pinterest

While we could sing the praises of our favorite single-pot cookware every day, you don't have to take our word for it. Take, for instance, the millions of Pinterest users who've saved one-pot recipes to whip up later, and no, we're not blowing hot steam here. For the Instant Pot alone, the social sharing platform has nine million meals that can be cooked up with the seven-in-one appliance.

But the Instant Pot isn't the only multi-use kitchen gadget that amateur and pro chefs count on to save precious cooking time. The classic Dutch oven and the electric slow cooker are also trusted by hands-on gourmands to create delicious, mouthwatering dishes in either a fraction of the original recipe's time or conveniently throughout the day with a set-it-and-forget-it mode. With all of that in mind, we tapped Pinterest's data team to punch the numbers and reveal the most popular one-pot recipes on the entire sharing platform.

Topping the list is The Recipe Critic's chicken mushroom stroganoff, which is the number one slow cooker recipe, according to Pinterest. At 297,000 saves, Healing Gourmet's fall-off-the-bone chicken for the Instant Pot was the second most popular recipe that garnered 178,000 saves.

Curious about the rest of the list? See all eight of Pinterest's top one-pot recipes below, along with a few of our favorite kitchen appliances and essentials.