The $137 Pair of Pants a Fashion Editor Always Travels In

I'd consider myself someone who flies pretty frequently. After five years of living across the country from my hometown, I've gotten used to flying back and forth multiple times a year for holidays and visits. What all those in-flight hours have amounted to is me perfecting the outfits I travel in. I regret to admit that during the first year of living away, I committed a few major airport outfit mistakes that I cringe at.

Nonetheless, I've honed in on a few key pieces that I rely on every time I fly anywhere. Topping my list is a pair of pants so life-changing that I'm deeming them the best pants for travel hands down. PSA: They're not leggings. Look, I have nothing against leggings, but I'd prefer not to look as if I just walked out of a yoga class and into a TSA checkpoint. Instead, the answer to my travel outfits is a pair of pants designed to feel just like leggings but look like a sleek pair of trousers. Bonus: They're currently on sale.

Speaking of travel outfits, you should always have these eight on hand.

This story was originally published on Who What Wear.