Listen Up: A Mom Shares the 7 Best Parenting Podcasts


Amy Parker Anderson

As with most of us, Amy Parker Anderson's time is of the essence. She works at Warby Parker and is the creator of the lifestyle site Parker Etc. She calls Nashville and New York City home. She's also mom to 5-year-old Parker and 2-year-old Sydney Sloane. So you can imagine that Amy's days are packed pretty full.

Nevertheless, when she's commuting, exercising, or on a plane, she's generally listening to podcasts. "Some feel like an intimate conversation with a friend, while others are informative. And some grab your attention like a good novel you just can't quit," she says. "I find some can make me feel inspired, some are amazing human stories, and others I listen to for personal and professional growth. There's an option for everything!"

According to a study by Edison Research and Triton Digital, six million more Americans listen to podcasts weekly in 2018 versus 2017. That accounts for about 48 million people, an eyebrow-raising number on its own, but it's also interesting that the increase is mostly coming from women. Although there are plenty of different subjects to choose from—and Amy listens to a variety—she spends a lot of time listening to parenting podcasts.

"I learned more about motherhood by talking with my friends than I did from any formal book. And that transcends the basics like diaper creams into things like how to transition into being a working mother or how to prioritize your marriage post-children," she says. "Podcasts are a wealth of knowledge, and it all feels like it's coming from a conversation you're just sitting in on. With the little free time we have as mothers, it's a great resource, and we can always pick up where we left off."

Ahead, Amy gives seven recommendations for the best parenting podcasts currently available.