This Is How Much Money Your Friends Earn


Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

Which number would you rather reveal: your salary or the number of sexual relationships you've had? Researchers from the University College London asked 15,000 men and women this question and uncovered a startling truth: People are seven times more likely to tell a stranger about their sexual history, including affairs and STDs, than chat about their income.

If you're considering a career change or want to negotiate higher pay, Glassdoor community expert Jessica Jaffe says this final taboo could cost you—big time. "A little data goes a long way when it comes to salary negotiations. Don't just ask for more—do so intelligently," she says. Understanding what your peers earn does more than just benefit you. "Research shows that salary transparency, or knowing what others make, can help eliminate hard-to-justify gender pay gaps in the workplace," she explains. In other words, boosting your salary IQ benefits everyone (except your boss).

To lift the taboo, we asked Jaffe to delve into Glassdoor's data and reveal the average salary across 10 professions in America, from HR managers to paramedics. Take a look—you know you want to.