The Best-Paying Jobs of 2015 Have One Thing in Common

Being an expert in a highly specialized field is extremely valuable and also the common trend among the very best-paying jobs of 2015. According to a list of top 10 highest-paying professions, compiled by Forbes, the top three positions are all occupied by medical and healthcare professionals whose occupations require years of postgraduate work, advanced degrees, and extensive training.

Some non-healthcare occupations also made the list, among them data scientists and air traffic controllers.

Keep reading for a breakdown of the highest-paying occupations and their median annual wages.

  1. Surgeon ($352,220)
  2. Psychiatrist ($181,880)
  3. General practice physician ($180,180)
  4. Senior-level corporate executive ($173,320)
  5. Dentist ($146,340)
  6. Petroleum engineer ($130,050)

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