Honestly, This $50 Pillow Cured My Back Pain in 2 Nights


Heidi's Bridge

I realized my limp and lifeless pillow just didn't cut it anymore when I entered the "pillow concierge" at a hotel in Tokyo. Row upon row of pillows of all shapes and support levels lined the walls like books, color-coded according to the degree of softness or firmness they offered. There were pillows filled with charcoal to detoxify your body after a long flight (yes, it was as uncomfortable as it sounds) and pillows with nodules for side-sleepers. Who knew choosing a humble pillow could be so complicated?

The Japanese aren't the only ones realizing the benefit of finding your perfect pillow match. Next-gen mattress brands Casper and Leesa have just launched specialty pillows that claim to support and soothe any snoozer. But do they live up to the hype? We asked five people to put them to the test and share an anonymous review. Here's what they said.

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