The 20 Best Pink Paint Colors to Upgrade Any Space

pink paint colors

DESIGN: Emily Henderson; Photo: Zeke Ruelas

Remember when millennial pink was the hue of the moment? Everything from velvet accent chairs and chic sofas to marble countertops could be found in the signature shade of blush. Though the once-popular hue has waned in popularity, our love of pink is still going strong. In search of shades of the traditionally flirty tone that feel fresh, we tapped some of our favorite interior designers for their expert-approved picks.

  • Color Family: Pinks
  • Complementary Colors: Greens
  • Pairs Well With: Neutrals like white and gray for a sophisticated feel or brights such as orange, green, or yellow for cheerful or tropical vibes.
  • Mood: Positive and cheerful
  • Where to Use: Small spaces like office or bathroom, or a children's room

Spanning a soft yet saturated blush pink that's inviting and warm to a delicate shade that pairs well with bright whites and metallic finishes, these are the colors the pros are crushing on—and honestly, we don't blame them. They're sublimely subtle, decidedly modern, and completely swoon-worthy.

Ahead, interior designers weigh in on the pink paint colors they swear by, including a shade that's "sophisticated and soft but definitely not too sweet."

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Benjamin Moore Razzle Dazzle

Pink vanity

Design: Black Lacquer Design

Photography: Mary Costa

Caitlin Murray, founder and creative director of Black Lacquer Design says picking the right pink can be a little bit of an art.

"A lot goes into choosing a hue—from a client’s personality to a room's lighting and architectural qualities," she says.

If you're not afraid of some bold color, Razzle Dazzle by Benjamin Moore is a fun and funky shade for powder rooms like this one.

razzle dazzle paint
Benjamin Moore Razzle Dazzle $45.00
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Farrow & Ball Pink Ground

Pink in a music room

Design: Black Lacquer Design

Photography: Jessica Alexander

Murray loves this soft pink as an alternative to neutrals. "In the music room of a bachelor’s bungalow, a soft and sophisticated whisper of pink warms the walls and offers a touch of contrast, all while feeling fresh," she says.

Farrow & Ball
Farrow & Ball Pink Ground $110.00
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Benjamin Moore Pink Dynasty

Pink cabinets

Design: Black Lacquer Design

Photography: Mary Costa

"I’m a big fan of playing the entire color spectrum, and pink is absolutely one of the most fun in the bunch," says Murray. "In a quirky young family’s craftsman kitchen, a bubblegum pink feels both unexpected and perfectly in line with their vibe."

pink dynasty paint
Benjamin Moore Pink Dynasty $45.00
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Sherwin-Williams Demure

Vanity in a dressing room

Design: Studio Ten 25

Photographer: Shayna Fontana

Abbe Fenimore, founder and principal designer of Studio Ten 25 loves Demure by Sherwin-Williams. "A bright blush pink is perfect for painting smaller furniture pieces. A sophisticated blush that has a bit of brightness to it makes for the perfect light pink that won't overpower a space," she says.

Sherwin-Williams Demure $80.00
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Benjamin Moore Marry Me

Pink built ins

Design: Studio Ten 25

Photography: Emily Hart

"An upbeat pink reminiscent of soft rose petals is ideal for any room or large built-in shelving," explains Fenimore. "The soft pink works well in spaces with ample natural light without feeling too reflective or washed out."

marry me paint
Benjamin Moore Marry Me $45.00
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Farrow & Ball Pink Ground

Farrow & Ball - Pink Ground

DESIGN: Tali Roth; Photo: Julia Robbs

"I love Farrow & Ball Pink Ground," gushes designer Tali Roth. "It's a neutral, so depending on the context it is in, it can read as more pink or more beige, which works well for the way I design spaces."

Caitlyn Murray of Black Lacquer Design agrees. "I love the softness and sophistication of this color for summer," she says. "Super-subtle pastels feel so fresh right now, but they also offer a timeless quality (and are safe since they read as neutrals)." 

Farrow & Ball Pink Ground $110.00
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Sherwin-Williams Dishy Coral

Coral walls

JL Design

Jessica Davis, principal designer at JL Design never tires of this shade.

"As a designer, I cannot get enough pink… ever! Coral undertones are a big hit for most clients and introduce a fresh feel to any space," she says.

coral paint
Sherwin-Williams Dishy Coral $80.00
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Behr Sweet Pastel

Valspar - Sweet Pastel

Design: Brady Tolbert; Photo: Tessa Neustadt

If you're thinking of making the leap into pink walls, but you lean more toward neturals, let us introduce you to this subdued shade by Behr.

"It is a really soft yet saturated blush pink tone that gives the walls a really pretty warmth and is inviting and happy without looking like you painted the walls with Pepto-Bismol," recommends designer Brady Tolbert.

Behr Sweet Pastel $45.00
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Devine Color by Valspar Pirouette

Valspar - Pirouette

DESIGN: Emily Henderson; Photo: Zeke Ruelas

Emily Henderson is a fan of Devine Color by Valspar's Pirouette.

"I have loved and used this color in a few different rooms," confesses designer Emily Henderson. "It is just the right tone of pink that can work in any space without it looking too young or juvenile."

valspar pirouette
Devine Color Pirouette $14.00
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Benjamin Moore Melted Ice Cream

Benjamin Moore - Melted Ice Cream

DESIGN: Studio McGee; Photo: Lindsay Salazar Photography

"The soft pink color is a beautiful, delicate shade," says designer Shea McGee. "It makes a great background to showcase bright whites, bolder colors, and metallic finishes."

Benjamin Moore Melted Ice Cream $45.00
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Portola Paints & Glazes El Mirage

Portola Paints

DESIGN: Stefani Stein; Photo: Tessa Neustadt

"I worked with Portola Paints & Glazes to create the perfect pink hue with a bit of an edge for one of my projects," explains designer Stefani Stein. "After a few tweaks, we came up with El Mirage—a pale pink with a hint of dusty lilac. It's sophisticated and soft, but definitely not too sweet."

Portola Paints & Glazes El Mirage $37.00
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Fine Paints of Europe Windsor Pink

Fine Paints of Europe's Windsor Pink

Courtesy of Sasha Bikoff

Sasha Bikoff loves Fine Paints of Europe's Windsor Pink.

"I've used pink paint to create everything from bedrooms to living rooms—I consider some shades almost like a neutral," she says. "As paler pinks have a cream and yellow base as opposed to purple, it means they're easier to pair with bold rugs and fabrics."

Fine Paints of Europe Windsor Pink
Fine Paints of Europe Windsor Pink price upon request
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Portola Paints Camelia

Portola Paints Camelia


Peter Dunham suggests Portola Paints' Camelia for a large living room. It's a pretty pale pink shade that can add as a neutral or an extra pop of color, depending on how you style it.

Portola Paints Camelia
Portola Paints Camelia price upon request
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Benjamin Moore Love & Happiness

pink girls bedroom

Studio McGee

"One of the places I love to use color is in a kid's room," Shea McGee says. "Whether it's a playful wallpaper or subtle hint of color, it just adds a more relaxed, casual feel. Love & Happiness by Benjamin Moore is a beautiful shade that isn't too pink, and has this really pretty coral undertone that brightens up the whole space!"

Love & Happiness Benjamin Moore
Benjamin Moore Love & Happiness $4,580.00
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Clare Pink Sky

clare pink sky

Courtesy of Clare

If you're looking for a pink tone that evokes more of an earthy feel, consider this one. It has more body to it and is less pastel, but it still remains somewhat of a warm neutral at the same time.

pink sky paint
Clare Pink Sky $54.00
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Benjamin Moore Fruit Shake

Pink bedroom

Design: Tracy Morris Design

Photography: Greg Powers

Designer Tracy Morris of Tracy Morris Design loves Fruit Shake because it has a muted base.

"[Fruit Shake] has a lot of brown in the base, so it does not appear too saturated," Morris says. "I know all of us have walked into a little girl’s room and thought, ‘Whoa, this is pink!’. That Pepto pink is the result of not enough beige in the back tone," she explains.

fruit pink paint
Benjamin Moore Fruit Shake $45.00
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Benjamin Moore Pink Moiré

Pink living room

Design: Annie Elliot Design

Photography: Angie Seckinger

Designer Annie Elliott of Annie Elliott Design used blush in her own home.

"Our living room is north-facing, so some colors wash out," she says. "Pink Moire looks quite strong when you view it on the color wheel, but on the walls of this room, it's the perfect shade of blush."

blush paint
Benjamin Moore Pink Moiré $45.00
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Benjamin Moore Rosy Blush

Bright pink door

Design: Annie Elliot Design

Photography: Jenn Verrier

Looking for a front door color that will make a splash? Elliott suggests Rosy Blush because it's bold and fun. Bonus? Everyone can spot their house.

"On party invitations, they simply write, 'the house with the pink door' as the address, so I guess we're stuck with it!" Elliott says.

Rosy Blush paint
Benjamin Moore Rosy Blush $45.00
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Benjamin Moore Teacup Rose

Child's pink bedroom

KTII Design Group

Pink can feel sweet, but it doesn't have to feel too saccharine. Designer Kalah Talancy of KTII Design Group found the perfect shade.

"One of our favorite pinks is Benjamin Moore Teacup Rose because it is a pink color with a dusty cast, so it isn't too sweet," Talancy says.

teacup rose pink paint
Benjamin Moore Teacup Rose $45.00
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Benjamin Moore Secret Rendezvous

Bedroom with pink ceiling

Think Chic Interiors

Don't forget about your fifth wall. Malka Helft of Think Chic Interiors suggests Secret Rendezvous on a ceiling to pack a punch.

"I love this color pink because it is cheerful yet sophisticated, it doesn't feel overwhelmingly pink, especially when done as an accent wall or a ceiling," she says.

secret rendezvous pink paint
Benjamin Moore Secret Rendezvous $45.00