The Last Word: The Best Pizzerias in Brooklyn, According to Real Locals

Asking a New Yorker to share the best local pizzeria is like asking a parent to choose their favorite child—it's divisive and usually requires serious soul searching. After all, NYC is synonymous with its dinner plate–size slices refined over decades by Italian immigrants who brought the staple over from Naples in the early 1900s. There are urban legends about why the dough tastes so good (the mineral-rich water is rumored to be key) and turf wars have been waged to maintain the coveted top spot (the Grimaldi versus Juliana rivalry is ongoing). So when we asked Brooklynites to reveal their top pizzeria, we expected pushback, but instead we were met with a concise list of top-notch restaurants that were nearly identical. Start your culinary tour of New York's coolest borough with these seven hot spots. Locals agree: These are the best pizzerias in Brooklyn.

What's your go-to pizzeria in Brooklyn?