Plantfluencers Unite: These Are the 7 Best Places to Buy Plants

It feels as though your home is no longer complete without a collection of thriving greenery, and that's a good thing. Before recent design practices insisted on these living things as a must-have modern accessory—a potted fig tree in the corner of a living room, a succulent in the bathroom, a planter of herbs in the kitchen, for instance—it was common knowledge that plants were good for health but maybe not as vital for indoor aesthetics. Now, thankfully, it's understood that plants can be wholly beneficial, no matter which ones are introduced into a home. The New York Times even coined the next generation of green thumbs, Plantfluencers.

But if you have yet to trust your own green thumb, or if you're simply looking to add to your collection, now is the time to embrace how beneficial plants can be. We collected the seven best places to buy plants online and in person so that you can choose between laid-back varieties or those that need a little more care.

From well-known garden centers like Home Depot to online powerhouses like Amazon, to lesser-known shops like The Sill, these brands are sure to have whatever you need to capitalize on this trend. And no matter which plant you choose, its presence will bring a finishing touch to any room in your home.