The 18 Top Places to Travel in 2019, According to Our Editors

A 3 story bookstore in Romania.
Bon Traveler 

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? This is the question we posed to our editors in order to curate this year's list of the best places to travel to in 2019. Spanning under-the-radar destinations to well-traversed locales, our picks took us to nearly every continent on the map. (Spoiler alert: The only one missing is Antarctica).

Because we share Anthony Bourdain's sentiment that "travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown," we're sharing our wanderlust musings with you, including places we've been and places we'd like to go. From the bustling cities of Southeast Asia to the cascading waterfalls of South America, these are the best places to travel to in 2019, according to MyDomaine editors.

MyDomaine senior editor, Sophie Miura


A view of a deep fjord in Norway.
Time, Life, Enjoy.../Getty Images

"This Scandinavian country is a must-visit if you love hiking and adventurous vacations. The scenery is spectacular: Think glaciers, fjords, and snow-capped mountains."

New Zealand

A coastal view of a deserted New Zealand beach.
ColobusYeti/Getty Images

"Waiheke Island has been at the top of my travel list for some time now. The tiny vineyard-dotted haven just off the coast of Auckland was even named the "Hamptons of New Zealand" by Vogue magazine, and once took the number-one spot on Travel + Leisure mag's list of the best islands in the South Pacific."


A gondola ascending a hill in Switzerland.
Bon Traveler

"Switzerland is notoriously expensive, but if you've been dreaming of hiking its Alps or swimming in Lake Geneva, now's the time to book a trip—the U.S. dollar is now right on par with the Swiss Franc."

MyDomaine managing editor, Megan Beauchamp


The Grande Mosque in Oman.
Mlenny/Getty Images

"I once traveled to Qatar, and I'd love to revisit the Arabian Peninsula to explore Oman. The coastal country, which borders Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and the United Arab Emirates, features sweeping sand dunes, palm tree-lined oases, and stunning, ornate mosques, including the gorgeous Grand Mosque."


A purple and orange sand due in the Namib desert in Nambia
Connie and Luna

"Perhaps Africa's best-kept secret, Namibia is home to the Namib Desert, one of the few deserts in the world that meets the sea—in this case, the Atlantic Ocean. My ideal itinerary would include driving through Namib-Naukluft National Park to see the spectacular pink and orange dunes of Sossusvlei and Deadvlei."


A 3-story book store in Bucarest, Hungary.
Bon Traveler

"Romania is known for its forested region of Transylvania, its fortified medieval churches, and its bustling capital, Bucharest, which is often referred to as the 'Little Paris of the East.; It's an Eastern European country that's high on the list of places I'd love to visit in 2019."


A coral reef in Honduras.
lightphoto/Getty Images

"Situated between Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua, this Central American country is not to be overlooked. Nestled within its tropical western rainforest are the ancient Mayan ruins of Copán, a 5th-century ceremonial site with towering stone monuments and stone-carved hieroglyphics. Off its northern Caribbean-Sea coastline is the biodiverse Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, which is one of the best scuba diving spots in the entire world."

MyDomaine editorial director, Sacha Strebe


A view of downtown Japan.
We the People Style

"Traveling to Japan has been on my bucket list since I chose Japanese as my college major many moons ago. But despite learning the language, I still haven't visited. Since my husband is a denim designer, it's also been his lifelong dream to immerse himself in its fascinating fashion culture. And now that our son is older, we plan to save up and make the trek. Of course, Tokyo is on our must-hit list, especially after reading Jessie Bush's Tokyo travel guide on her style site, We The People."


A desolate beach on the coast of Australia.
Susan_Stewart/Getty Images

"If you haven't yet made the adventure Down Under, 2019 is the year to finally make the trip. I realize I'm recommending my home country (and a large part of that could be that I miss my family), but hear me out. It's the home of natural beauty, unique wildlife (a cassowary has to be seen to be believed), and a nation brimming with optimistic Aussies that love a laugh—believe me, we see the silver lining in everything. Australia is so much more than the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Opera House (although Icebergs definitely lives up to its Instagram reputation). Make the trip and see it for yourself; I guarantee you'll be talking about the memories for a lifetime."

MyDomaine social media editor, Kelly Gallagher


A view of rooftops in Scotland.
Sorin Rechitan/EyeEm/Getty Images

"England is great and all, but if you head north to Scotland, you won't regret it. The country has so much history (think: Braveheart) and its castles are incredible. I'm not a golfer, but even just visiting its world-class golf courses is worth it just for the views. Also, you might come back with a new appreciation for Scotch whiskey."


Glaciers in Iceland.
Connie and Luna

"Iceland has landscapes unlike anywhere else, from black-sand beaches to surreal waterfalls. And anyone with an interest in the outdoors needs to add this Nordic island nation to their bucket list. But even if nature isn't your thing, the city of Reykjavik has plenty of shopping, restaurants, and culture. Prepare to be inspired by the locals—they have serious street style."


An overhead view of Singapore's downtown area.
loveguli/Getty Images

"Years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Singapore, and the experience was life-changing—it's such a one-of-a-kind place. The botanical gardens are some of the best in the world, and the shopping, too, is world-class. It's also a great spot for foodies: The local cuisine is delicious and unique to the country, but they also have every kind of food imaginable. All the buzz around the movie, Crazy Rich Asians reminded me of how much I loved my trip there."

MyDomaine assistant editor, Christie Calucchia


Iguazu Falls in Argentina.
elleon/Getty Images

"This South American country features both urban and natural wonders. Argentina's metropolitan area is bustling and full of traditional gourmet eateries, shops, and culture. North of the city, you can venture up to Iguazú Falls, or down to Patagonia, the country's chilly southern frontier. Let's not forget that Buenos Aires is also the birthplace of the tango: You cannot visit without giving the dance a try."


Pretty narrow staircase in Croatia.
We the People Style

"Croatia is well known for its gorgeous coastlines of pebbled beaches and sparkling water. In addition to its plethora of islands and beaches, the country is also mountainous and offers plenty of outdoor activities like hiking, rocking climbing, and biking through the natural landscape. If you're still not sold, just Google 'Plitvice Lakes National Park.' That place alone is reason enough to buy a plane ticket."


People swimming off a pier in the sea in Malta.
Bon Traveler

"Not to be overlooked, this small island country is situated in the Mediterranean Sea, between Sicily and the North African coast. Because of Malta's location, its culture contains Italian and Middle Eastern influences and it offers both ancient and modern-day architecture and style. It's also surrounded by crystal-clear water and rocky stretches of coastline, making for a stunning European island getaway in an under-the-radar destination."

MyDomaine's associate editor, Hadley Mendelsohn.


A view to an old limestone building in Hungary.
Stacie Flinner

"Hungary has been at the top of my bucket list for a while. Since I love exploring new cities, my first stop would be Budapest. I enjoy learning about the history of a place through its museums and architecture, especially if said place happens to look like a fairytale. Even its bright-yellow trams are charming (which isn't something I can say about NYC's subway system). I'd love to walk along the Danube and see the beautiful, green Liberty Bridge in person."


Laguna Colorada, in Bolivia's Andean plateau.
StreetFlash/Getty Images

"I love seeing breathtaking, natural scenery, so Laguna Colorada, in Bolivia's Andean plateau, is another one of my dream destinations. It's a reddish-pink lake with flamingos dancing around everywhere, and it also happens to be right near these expansive, mesmerizing salt flats in the Andean mountains. Rumor has it this is where the surrealist painter Salvador Dalí often visited for inspiration. I'd also go to Lake Titicaca to explore the Incan ruins."


Art Nouveau buildings in Latvia.
Stacie Flinner

"I really want to visit Riga during the winter months. Just looking at holiday photos of the cobblestoned city gives me jitters of excitement, so just imagine how happy I'd be if I were there IRL. The Gothic spires and pastel Art Nouveau buildings look like something out of my childhood dollhouse dreams. And the old town is pedestrian-only, which adds to that bygone vibe."

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