I've Traveled to 70 Countries Solo—This Is the One Everyone Should Visit



Packing up your possessions, booking a ticket, and venturing to a foreign country on your own is one of the most daunting but liberating things you can do. To some, that might sound terrifying, but for Lisa Imogen Eldridge, a longtime professional traveler and founder of Girl About the Globe, solo travel is something every woman should do at least once in their lifetime. 

"Traveling solo shows you how to overcome obstacles, connect with your emotions, and cope entirely by yourself," she tells MyDomaine. "It makes you more approachable and open to opportunities. You have to problem-solve and make constant decisions—essential life skills."

So far, Eldridge has traveled to 70 countries solo, and she tells us she doesn't plan to stop anytime soon. "It's a never-ending learning curve, and each time I feel that I have it all worked out, I learn something new about myself."

If you've never traveled on your own, don't worry. These are the seven safest and most rewarding vacations to take as a first-time solo traveler. Believe us, this is one decision you'll never regret. 

The Solo Romantic Trip


The City of Love isn't only for couples. "I spent five days in the French capital and fell in love with the Parisian way of life," Eldridge says. "You can stop in a French café and won't get judged for being here alone. It has so many beautiful buildings to see that you could easily spend five to seven days just sightseeing." 

If you're nervous about finding your way around a French-speaking city, don't worry. Eldridge points out that one of the perks of visiting Paris is the efficient metro. "It's so easy to navigate your way around and each station is artistically different."

Top Solo Attraction: There's an almost endless list of attractions, ranging from exquisite galleries to glittery landmarks, but Eldridge says there's one place you must see. "The list is endless but my favorite attraction is the Sacré Cœur. It is a stunning basilica and one of the most iconic monuments in Paris. It is definitely worth climbing the hill to see it."