The 10 Best Places to Travel in February and Escape the Winter Blues

Best Places to Travel in February —

When February rolls around, it’s almost like the calendar breathes a sigh of relief. Gone is the holiday hustle and bustle. Spring is around the corner, and the month is so short, it is usually over before you know it. While February may feel like a flyover state when it comes to your annual calendar, it is full of opportunities to explore.

Traveling in February usually comes with deep discounts on flights and accommodations, as well as thinner crowds. The month is sandwiched between the holidays and spring break, so the odds are good your far-flung vacation dream is at its most affordable price point. Even if you opt to stay in North America, February can be an ideal time to check another state off your list, or even cross the border into Canada or Mexico.

February also offers spectacular extremes. While the southern hemisphere is in full-fledged summer mode, northern hemisphere destinations offer a range of slightly cooler temps to ample snowfall perfect for skiing. We’ve researched your options, and we’ve found 10 great destinations to book for February. From Key West to Singapore, the best places to travel in February will give you the vacation you need after spending the holidays with your significant other’s family (or something equally as nerve-wracking). 

Los Cabos, Mexico

Best Places to Travel in February — Los Cabos, Mexico

While your friends jet away to the slopes, use your passport to soak up the sun in Los Cabos, Mexico. The laid-back beach town will give you the sandy privacy you need while staying close enough to desirable amenities. Often a spring break favorite, a February trip will give you a quieter version of Los Cabos.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Best Places to Travel in February — Honolulu, Hawaii

If you’re a surfer, you probably already know February is big wave season in Honolulu. If you’re not a big wave surfer, don’t fear: There are plenty of great activities available, and there are fewer crowds to contend with. February is also the time the humpback whales migrate in Hawaii, so you are in for natural treats beyond the picturesque scenery.

Beaver Creek, Colorado

Best Places to Travel in February — Beaver Creek, Colorado
Bureau of Land Management/Flickr

For a U.S. ski vacation, there are few states that compare to Colorado. Even if you’re not ready to hit the double black diamond, a trip to Beaver Creek comes with more activities, like snowshoeing, going to the spa, or eating well. In Beaver Creek, you can be in the snow or observe it from a comfortable distance.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Best Places to Travel in February — Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Southeast Asia is known for its humid climes, and Cambodia is no exception, which is why February is an ideal time to beat the heat and humidity. Another perk is that most of the holiday crowds have left the area by February, giving you some extra room to breathe. But be sure to book around Chinese New Year if you’d like to miss the crowds altogether.

Key West, Florida

Best Places to Travel in February — Key West, Florida

It’s easy to see why great minds like Ernest Hemingway and Jimmy Buffett like Key West. The southern Florida city is built on the "nowhere to be, nothing to do" mindset. February is typically warm enough for non-Floridians to enjoy the water, but everyone can enjoy the scenery and island life.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Best Places to Travel in February — Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Jon Sullivan, PD Photo/Wikimedia Commons

February in Jackson Hole is on the chilly side, but it’s also when Yellowstone National Park is least visited. Spend your days taking advantage of actually seeing the park’s famous wildlife, like elk and moose, and your nights warming up in your cabin’s jacuzzi. With enough snow, you can even give the snowshoes or snowmobiles a try.

Venice, Italy

Best Places to Travel in February — Venice, Italy
Public Domain Pictures

There’s no denying Venice’s charm. Chief complaints about the city usually come from the smell and number of tourists. Luckily, February is considered part of the offseason, and the cooler temperatures keep the trash and the water from smelling. Go ahead, book that gondola.

Singapore City, Singapore

Best Places to Travel in February — Singapore City, Singapore

February begins Singapore’s travel season since it marks the end of the rainy monsoons. The month is also when the city hosts one of the largest Chinese New Year lantern festivals in the world. You’ll want to be there for the illuminated sky, parade, and street fare.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Best Places to Travel in February — New Orleans, Louisiana

While New Orleans is basically a year-round party in and of itself, the city’s crown jewel typically happens in February: Mardi Gras. Come and watch the parade, catch the beads, eat all the beignets. The humidity will still be at bay, and the Big Easy will be the perfect escape from your usual routine.

Huntington Beach, California

Best Places to Travel in February — Huntington Beach, California
Mcclane2010/Wikimedia Commons

It’s hard to find inclement weather in southern California, but February is usually when the short rainy season stops and temperatures are still on the refreshing side. A visit to Huntington Beach will give you the best of SoCal beaches with the casual beach town vibe. Go ahead, lay in the sand and order a frozen banana from the area’s famous banana stands.

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