The 10 Best Places to Travel in February and Escape the Winter Blues

When February rolls around, it’s almost like the calendar breathes a sigh of relief. Gone is the holiday hustle and bustle. Spring is around the corner, and the month is so short, it is usually over before you know it. While February may feel like a flyover state when it comes to your annual calendar, it is full of opportunities to explore.

Traveling in February usually comes with deep discounts on flights and accommodations, as well as thinner crowds. The month is sandwiched between the holidays and spring break, so the odds are good your far-flung vacation dream is at its most affordable price point. Even if you opt to stay in North America, February can be an ideal time to check another state off your list, or even cross the border into Canada or Mexico.

February also offers spectacular extremes. While the southern hemisphere is in full-fledged summer mode, northern hemisphere destinations offer a range of slightly cooler temps to ample snowfall perfect for skiing. We’ve researched your options, and we’ve found 10 great destinations to book for February. From Key West to Singapore, the best places to travel in February will give you the vacation you need after spending the holidays with your significant other’s family (or something equally as nerve-wracking).