10 Best Places to Travel in November to Get Out of the Fall Slump

When November rolls around, it’s easy to check out. Thanksgiving is coming up. Christmas is around the corner, and the shorter days make it a little more difficult to check the boxes on the to-do lists. While you might feel a little less productive in the fall, there’s no reason to arrive in January and realize you have nothing to show for the last season. While we tend to turn our eyes to pumpkin spice, blanket scarves, and booties, November is the perfect time to travel—and not just to your in-laws’ house for Thanksgiving dinner.

Even though you might be experiencing cooler temps in your neck of the woods, the rest of the world isn’t necessarily that cold. If you’re in a warm place, November can be a perfect time to experience a traditional fall. Another perk? Booking outside of holidays in November means cheaper fares. Combine that with time off for the holidays, and you can easily stretch out your trip beyond a weekend if you’d like.

For a time that’s usually overlooked for leisurely travel, November has a lot to offer. We’ve done some searching, and we’ve found the 10 best places to travel in November. Whether you like the mountains, the beach or something in between, one thing’s for sure: This November won’t be wasted.

Havana, Cuba

Best Places to Travel in November — Havana, Cuba
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November in Cuba is warm and sunny, perfect for a little fall reset before the holidays. Take a step back in time in Havana, whose colorful past is still preserved in old architecture and vehicles. Enjoy some black beans and rice, espresso and maybe a cigar or two. For a beach trip, head to Holguín to find beach resorts that aren’t smacking of an all-inclusive deal.

Bagan, Myanmar

Best Places to Travel in November — Bagan, Myanmar
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Myanmar might not be on your radar, but it should be. Considered to be the final frontier in southeast Asia, Myanmar is less touristy than Thailand, boasting bumpy roads and stretches of red brick temples in the plains of Bagan. November marks the end of monsoon season, so it’s a less humid time to take in the sights.

Seoul, South Korea

Best Places to Travel in November — Seoul, South Korea
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If you’re looking for an urban adventure, consider a trip to Seoul. November marks a break in the hot, wet weather of the summer before the frigid winter sets in. There really is no better time to soak in the city’s art scene, sample a bunch of street fare specialties like pajeon (pancakes) or kimchi, and shop the city’s eccentric flea markets.

Memphis, Tennessee

Best Places to Travel in November — Memphis, Tennessee
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While temperatures cool off in Memphis in November, the city’s famous blues and barbecue are sure to warm the soul. Stay in Elvis’s home city, and check out Graceland. Visit the National Civil Rights Museum in the Lorraine Motel, where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, and learn about the city’s complex history.

Verbier, Switzerland

Best Places to Travel in November — Verbier, Switzerland
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If you’d like to upgrade your ski game this November, check out Verbier in the Swiss Alps. A backcountry skier’s paradise, Verbier has several lifts that open in early November. If you’re no good on skis, try out a no-skill toboggan on the slopes. While you’re there, stay in one of the destination’s boutique luxury hotels and thank yourself for taking the time to explore.

Phoenix, Arizona

Best Places to Travel in November — Phoenix, Arizona

When November comes to Phoenix, the locals say goodbye to heatwaves and hello to cooler temps. Visit the high desert and enjoy the natural scenery mixed with a little of old and new architecture as well as a thriving art scene, too. Phoenix is one of the few areas where the iconic saguaro cacti grow naturally, so you can see—but don’t touch—them for yourself.

Ambergris Caye, Belize

Best Places to Travel in November — Ambergris Caye, Belize
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This Central American paradise will be just out of hurricane season if you visit in November. Stay in a cushy villa on the white sand beaches, and enjoy the beauty the natural environment has to offer. English speakers will find this destination especially convenient since it is the official language of Belize.

Aspen, Colorado

Best Places to Travel in November — Aspen, Colorado
Larry Lamsa/Wikimedia Commons

If you’d like to avoid the summer and winter crowds flocking to the Rockies, visit Colorado in November. You’ll still get a little coolness as far as temperature goes, and if you go up to higher altitudes, it’s already ski season. If you’re not into skiing, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy, like hiking, sampling brews from a number of local places, or strolling through cute mountain towns.

Sicily, Italy

Best Places to Travel in November — Sicily, Italy
Luca Volpi/Flickr

What could be more relaxing than a vacation centered around wine? Sicily is becoming known as Italy’s newest wine destination. Since November is out of the popular tourist season, you’ll have a little more room to breathe, sip and relax.

Negril, Jamaica

Best Places to Travel in November — Negril, Jamaica
Abir Anwar/Flickr

Slow down your fall with a visit to Jamaica. Enjoy some time on the beach, drinking Red Stripe and eating a conch fritter or two. If you plan your trip before the holidays, you’ll have your pick of popular hotels, and your visit will feel a little less touristy.

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