The 11 Best Plant Pots of 2021

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When it comes to decorating your home with plants, we say the more the better. From trendy pilea plants to large ficuses or delicate maidenhair ferns, adding a plant to any room of your house (or outdoor space) instantly livens it up. But with so many plant options to choose from, how do you decide what planters to buy? The trick to a cohesive collection of pots to display your plants in depends on a few factors you should consider.

How many plants do you have clustered together? If you have fifteen to twenty small succulents and cacti grouped together you may want to choose pots that are subtly different but have a similar color palette, for instance. Most important to consider, however, is what your decorating style it. Sure, that funky face planter is cool, but if you have a super traditional decorating style, that kind of planter is going to stick out like a sore thumb. To get your inspiration going, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite plant pots so you can get to replanting ASAP!

Minimum Design “Japan” Planter

“Japan” Planter

This simple 3D printed wood planter is perfect for the minimalist who’s obsessed with clean lines and Scandinavian design. Get it in a few in different sizes for the perfect plant display that's not too flashy.

Terrain Earth Fired Pot and Saucer

Earth Fired Pot and Saucer

These clay planters look worn and weathered in the best way, like they’ve been well-loved out in a garden for years. A handcrafted firing process means that each one looks different, so you won’t be stuck with that overly-uniform effect if you want to group a few of them together in a corner of your patio.

Ekho Design Goblet Terracotta Planters

Goblet Terracotta Planters

It’s your classic terracotta planter, elevated (literally). The familiar peachy hued-material takes on a new life with these goblet-shaped pots, perfect for modern, graphic plants or varieties that drape out of their pots, like spider plants.

Anthropologie Dipped Clay Pot and Stand

Clay Pot and Stand

A graphic white-dipped planter, this pick is the perfect plant pot for a larger, statement-making plant. The dish at the bottom is a stylish way to allow for adequate drainage, which will help your plant's roots stay healthy in the long term.

Hawkins New York Louise Cachepots

Louise Cachepots

For a bit of a glam moment, why not buy a pair of these sleek copper planters? They’ll add some shine and prettiness to that corner of your home that could use a little extra love. This style comes in three sizes, so you can pull together different varieties and blooms with a single planter style.

Williams Sonoma Blue and White Ceramic Mini Planter

Ceramic Mini Planter

For the more traditional decorating styles, this Chinoiserie-esque vase is perfect for basil in your kitchen window or a petite and airy plant by your bed. It would also make a great pick for a desk plant to add a pop of brightness to your workspace.

West Elm Art in the Forest Cachepot

Art in the Forest Pot

We can see this planter in a grouping of other black and white graphic planters for a dramatic and statement-making corner of your home. This 5-inch pot, which was hand painted, was designed to hold succulents, but we think dark and leafy plants would look just as great with this as their new home.

CB2 Basket Extra Large White Planter

Basket Planter

Looking for the perfect home for that oversized, statement-making tree or other plant? This extra large, paint-dipped basket planter is versatile and sturdy enough work to with lots of decorating styles and plant types.

Taylor Ceramics Mini Striped Planter

Mini Striped Planter

Customizable with five color options for the stripes, this tiny pot is perfect for any miniature plants that need a place to thrive. We think it would look especially cute as part of a window sill herb garden in a sunny kitchen.

Anthropologie Garden Greeting Pot

Garden Greeting Pot

Want something a little more playful than your typical planter? These pretty pots make the perfect addition to that cluster of plants on your porch or back patio. Just remember to take extra care when watering plants you house in these, as they don’t have drainage holes.

Urban Outfitters Margot 7" Hanging Planter

Margot Hanging Planter

This rattan hanging planter comes in two sizes, both of which we can see filled with leafy, draping plants, soaking up the sun in a reading nook or indoor patio. The unusual hoop design keep this planter from looking too retro or boho.

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