These 16 Plant Stands Will Double as Mood Enhancers

best plant stands
Tali Roth

Newsflash: Houseplants are definitely having a moment. Sure, those among us blessed with green thumbs (lucky!) have always loved a potted plant or two, but these days you'd be hard-pressed to enter a stylish interior and not spot a fiddle-leaf fig, succulent, or other such greenery, leaving those of us with black thumbs scrambling to learn how to keep plants alive. 

A resurgence of planters and plant stands in a wide variety of styles has come with this green wave. Your default brown ceramic planter will no longer do on its own. Besides, come fall, you'll want to surround yourself with plants, which are scientifically proven mood enhancers. And let's not forget they literally clear the air.

Ready to give your own space the greenhouse treatment? Look no further than the best plant stands on the market and give your greenery the spotlight it deserves.

Buskbo plant stand
IKEA Buskbo Plant Stand $20

Rattan is a trend we'll always hold dear. This would fit perfectly into a Cali-cool or neutral space. 

angled plant stand
CB2 Angled Plant Stand $129

This double-decker plant stand will showcase your best green thumb prowesses with style.

Iris Planter + Chevron Stand
West Elm Iris Planter and Chevron Stand $140 $105

We know you've retired chevron from tiles and rugs, but we think it looks super chic as a tripod-like plant stand. Thoughts?

Fiore Planter with Stand
CB2 Fiore Planter with Stand $199

Monochrome is our go-to. It's classic and stands the test of time. 

IKEA Satsumas Plant Stand $30

We can't believe how pretty this plant stand is for the price. 

Hip Haven Bullet Planter $175

If you're after a striking planter, this one is our top choice. It's not often you see an all-black one, but we're into it.

Spun Metal Planter
West Elm Spun Metal Planter $79 - $149

Metallics will always be the easiest color to blend in with any interior design style. 

IKEA Askholmen Plant Stand $25

This one works both inside and outside. It has a cute farmhouse style while still feeling elevated for a very low price of $25.

Hairpin leg plant stand
Mainstay Hairpin Leg Plant Stand $50

Give your plants a cheery midcentury flair with this yellow wire plant stand.

West Elm Stratus Standing Planters $170

If you're really not into the chevron earlier, then these straight-legged beauties are sure to light your eyes up.

Achille Castiglioni for Zanotta Demountable Flowerpot Stand $1,170

This plant stand is as unique as it gets. Try this midcentury classic with a collection of succulents.

Iris Planter + Chevron Stand
West Elm Three Pot Iris Planter and Chevron Stand $130

This multi-level plant stand works great with cascading plants to create layers of greenery. 

Tali Roth
Modernica Case Study 3 Bowl Plant Stand $595

Fill your entryway with this mid-century tripod plant stand and a set of sculptural plants.

Wire Planter
Norm Architects x Menu Wire Planter $110

Sometimes simple is best—and this Menu plant stand is the perfect example.

Case Study Ceramics Planter with Teakwood Stand $195

Midcentury lovers will adore this wooden-leg planter that feels like it belongs in a Philip Johnson house.

Bend Goods x Gaurav Nanda Geometric Wire Plant Stand $215

This wire plant stand will make even make banal planters look good.

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