These 18 Plant Stands Will Double as Mood Enhancers (You'll Thanks Us Come Fall)

Newsflash: Houseplants are definitely having a moment. Sure, those among us blessed with green thumbs (lucky!) have always loved a potted plant or two, but these days you'd be hard-pressed to enter a stylish interior and not spot a fiddle-leaf fig, succulent, or other such greenery, leaving those of us with black thumbs scrambling to learn how to keep plants alive. 

A resurgence of planters and plant stands in a wide variety of styles has come with this green wave. Your default brown ceramic planter will no longer do on its own. Besides, come fall, you'll want to surround yourself with plants, which are scientifically proven mood enhancers. And let's not forget they literally clear the air.

Ready to give your own space the greenhouse treatment? Look no further than the best plant stands on the market and give your greenery the spotlight it deserves.