Sweet Dreams: The Best Plants for Bedrooms Will Help You Sleep Better

Best Plants for Bedrooms
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Plants are the secret to great décor—just look at your nearest interior magazine for proof. Not only do they add sculptural interest in a space and make it feel more organic and close to nature, but they also have a slew of health benefits, from purifying the air to helping us go to sleep. For those reasons, the bedroom really is one of the best spaces in your home to add a plant or two. But even though we would theoretically love to have a full-blown jungle in our home, it simply isn't realistic. Caring for plants requires constant attention—each varietal demanding its own unique set of needs.

Does your bedroom have a lot of natural light? Do you constantly forget to water your plant? Do you travel a lot? Do you need your plants to be safe for pets? To find out what the best plants for bedrooms are, we tapped plant expert Ali Glockler, head of indoor at Harrison Green, an award-winning landscape architecture firm in New York City. Get ready to exercise your green thumb—these are hands down the best plants for bedrooms.


The Sill Monstera $24

"The monstera offers awesome tropical foliage and is a great statement plant. If you are looking to get just one plant for your bedroom, this is the one to go with. They also come in a large variety of sizes and are great for any size bedroom."

Rubber Plant

Costa Farms Premium Live Indoor Burgundy Rubber Plant $34

"The rubber plant is easy to care for in a variety of conditions. It's highly purifying of the air in a room and has beautiful dark green foliage. It can grow pretty tall if cared to properly."

Snake Plant

Garden Goods Direct Snake Plant $20

"The snake plant is one of the hardiest indoor plants around. If you live in a room with no windows, over water, or forget to water often this is your plant. They can live in almost any environment and are great for anyone who doesn’t have much space as its more of an upright plant rather than a plant that needs tons of room to grow out."


The Sill Jade Pothos in August Planter $48

"The pothos is one of the most popular vines out there. Pothos are great in a hanging planter or on a shelf if floor space is limited. It's another super-easy plant to care for and can even live in a cup or a jar of water. No dirt needed!"

Natal Mahogany Tree

Greenery NYC Natal Mahogany Bush $90

"If you are looking for a statement tree but live in a low- to medium-light space, this is your plant. The natal mahogany bush offers amazing foliage, grows fast, and truly is one of our favorite indoor trees here at Harrison Green. It's easy to care for, but it does love water."

Pilea Peperomia

Greenery NYC Pilea Peperomioides $85

"Pilea peperomioides have unique round foliage, like to be on the dry side, and are more of tabletop or nightstand plant, so if floor space is an issue, this one is great. It is the plant that gives back by producing new baby plants all the time. You can re-pot the new growth and give it as a gift or just become a hoarder of pilea peperomia."


Starpack Home Premium 3 Piece Mini White Ceramic Succulent Planter Pot Set With Bamboo Bases $15

"If the only space you have is a windowsill, then I would recommend a succulent. Like cacti, succulents prefer more sun than water, so if you travel a lot or forget to water, then they are your plant. They take up minimal space and add that green that every room needs."

Peace Lily

Chelsea Garden Center Peace Lily $40

"Peace lilies are great for bedrooms with little natural light. They provide large dark green foliage and even flowers, depending on the variety. They are great at purifying the air as well. They even have a peaceful name."

Next up: These bathroom plants will make every shower feel like a mini tropical getaway.

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