The One IKEA Item Your Home Is Missing (Hint: It's NOT Furniture)

Courtesy of IKEA

Have you ever walked through your front door only to be confronted with a space that just needs a little something… extra? Your light is on point, you already have an area rug, and your gallery wall has been expertly hung since last year. So, what's missing? Plants! An artfully placed herb garden, potted succulent, or fiddle-leaf fig instantly lends new life to a room, making it feel homey and inviting—especially for greenery-deprived urbanites.

With the help of some of our favorite IKEA products, we've compiled four easy and unexpected ways to incorporate plants in every corner of your home (no green thumb required)!

Living Room

Think of your living room as Plant HQ: It's likely where you do most of your entertaining and where you'll spend the most time watching Netflix, so it's a stellar place to add some plant love. Tall trees draw the eye upward and out to pretty views, while succulents can be nestled into any nook and cranny, like bookcases or shelving. Meanwhile, a leafy fern can serve as a focal point on a side table or stool, eliminating the need for added decor. Keep in mind how much light your space receives when buying each plant, as well as whether you'll be able to mist and water them as needed to keep them happy and healthy—nothing is more depressing than a room full of dying plants!

IKEA Yucca Elephantipes Potted Plant $19.99


Plants are great for optimizing the soothing and peaceful vibe of a bedroom. Dressers can be dressed up with potted succulents and other botanicals woven among your tchotchkes, boxes, and small-storage items. You can also give each nightstand something special or opt for a bedside tree. A row of plants in a windowsill is a great idea for urbanites without the luxury of a backyard, but it might be too overwhelming if you have a porch or balcony with greenery to tend to as well. 

If you want to avoid a lot of maintenance, then opt for easy-to-care-for succulents or snake plants. 

IKEA Cactaceae $2.99


The kitchen is a great place to create an herb garden, even if you don't cook—rosemary happens to look and smell just as good as it tastes. Add herbs like thyme, basil, and mint to a windowsill where they'll receive enough light, or keep them on a cart that provides additional storage (you'll need somewhere to keep your herb-trimming scissors, after all). Orchids and other statement-making blooms create a big impact without hogging counter space, but try to steer clear of statement-making leafy greens—a large tree might obstruct the flow of foot traffic, getting in the way while you dance around during meal prep.

Patio or Backyard

What better spot for some overflowing foliage than your patio? Even if your "patio" is just a porch or balcony, there's plenty of plant potential. Just be sure to have a backup plan if you live in an area where plants can't live outdoors year-round. Mix bamboo with stockier plants to create a true urban jungle, then add potted succulents to round out the look. You can also flank a bench with palms to create an inspired reading nook or incorporate potted cypress into your outdoor dining tablescape for a refined look that's sure to impress guests.

IKEA Chamaecyparis Potted Plant, False Cypress $7.99
IKEA Ravenea Potted Plant, Majesty Palm $11.99

Tell us: Are you ready to go green? 

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