3 Simple Swaps to Make the Best Potato Hash Browns (That Are Actually Healthy)

cauliflower hash browns

Courtesy of I Am a Food Blog

As far as we're concerned, fall is the prime brunching season. Why? Because you can enjoy your eggs on toast with hash browns alfresco without the summer sun beating down on you (and we need to soak up those rays before winter creeps in). The only thing is that this popular meal is packed with carbs, so it's not always the healthiest choice, but we found the solution—these best potato hash brown recipes are insanely delicious, and they're pretty good for you, which technically means you can have them more often.

You see, a new movement to "healthy-ify" our favorite foods is in full swing—we're seeing it with skinny pizzas to low-carb pasta and even good-for-you ice cream (we've tried them all, and we can attest they're quite tasty). So what goes into these "healthy" hash browns? There are a few options: You can opt for sweet potatoes, pack the regular version with veggies, or whip them up with cauliflower rice instead. It's all about getting creative with your cooking (we're sure you can do it). Below, learn how to make some of the best hash browns that you can enjoy guilt-free.


Fed + Fit

A simple way to make hash browns better for you is to use sweet potatoes instead of the regular variety. Research shows that the orange-hued spud is lower in calories, higher in fiber, and has 400% of your daily vitamin A requirement in just one serving. Mix the potatoes with onion, lemon juice, and some fried egg to make this healthy hash brown recipe from Fed+Fit. (PS: The sausage is optional.)


Minimalist Baker

Some of the best potato hash browns we've seen are packed with other veggies. This recipe from Minimalist Baker calls for heaps of corn thrown in with russet potatoes and parsley (although you could use pretty much any of your favorite veggies). These hash brown "haystacks" are baked in muffin tins for easy cooking—and even simpler cleanup.


I Am a Food Blog

Instead of spuds, this recipe from I Am a Food Blog calls for riced cauliflower that you mold into hash brown "patties." Panko breadcrumbs help give the veggie the signature crunch associated with the popular side dish.

To up the deliciousness, use the patties instead of slices of bread in an egg sandwich.

Do you have a recipe for the best potato hash browns? Be sure to share with us in the comments.

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