The 5 Best Pregnancy Apps That Help Track All the Milestones

Pregnancy is an amazing and beautiful thing, but it can be confusing, especially if it's your first time around. After speaking with friends who have been through all nine months of it, I've heard that the best pregnancy apps are not just helpful during pregnancy. Apparently, if you find the right one, it will help you track your fertility before pregnancy and keep track of baby's milestones once they're born (smart, right?). 

What's more, the newest crop happens to be super personalized and can track everything from the size of your baby in the womb—from a lentil to spaghetti squash—while others even recommend baby names. These apps are basically the modern-day versions of hard copy baby books (mine still contains a lock of my hair), but they often start tracking your life even before you're born. And it's worth mentioning that these apps are interactive, making it easy for you to swap stories with other moms-to-be so you can feel connected during this important part of your life. If you're expecting and you haven't already downloaded a baby app (or don't particularly like the one you're using), read on to see which of the best pregnancy apps out there rank on our list.