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The 10 Best Purple Paint Colors to Add Boldness to Your Room

Purple Paint Colors

Amy Bartlam

Chances are that if you're considering repainting a room in your home, purple isn't your first choice. Maybe you've landed on a safe warm white or have opted for a mid-tone gray. Maybe you even thought about a dramatic navy or a trendy tan hue. But paint color experts are backing purple for more reasons than one. 

Purple paint colors vary widely—from bold princess lilacs to deep, moody almost-gray hues and light periwinkles. While some are instant mood boosters, others make rooms feel extra cozy or even double as the ideal light neutral that's just a little more welcoming and interesting than a classic gray—and pairs well with almost any bold color.

  • Color Family: Purples
  • Complementary Colors: Yellow
  • Pairs Well With: Neutrals, blue, or for a bold choice, mustard
  • Mood: Regal and dramatic
  • Where to Use: Small spaces, bedrooms, or childrens' rooms

Grab your paintbrushes—these are the 10 best purple paint colors recommended by experts.

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HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams Expressive Plum

Sherwin Williams - Expressive Plum
Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams
HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams Expressive Plum $38.00

Use this shade in a bedroom, dining room, or library—anywhere you need the lights to be dimmed and moody.

"A private space like the bedroom needs a sophisticated violet that exudes a refined yet relaxed elegance while adding a touch of drama," says Ashley Banbury, senior designer at HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams. "The deep gray undertone helps the violet look best in low lighting." 

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Clare Wink

Clare - Wink

 Courtesy of Clare

Clare Wink $54.00

Try this shade in a bedroom for soft, airy, and romantic vibes.

"This color is like periwinkle, but a little more muted," says Nicole Gibbons, founder of Clare. "We call it Wink for short. It's a light, lovely purple with a hint of gray that is sure to brighten up your space, like the pretty perennial that inspired it."

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HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams Impulsive Purple

Sherwin Williams - Impulsive Purple

 Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams Impulsive Purple $38.00

Leave a lasting impression with this energetic purple in your entryway.

"Art meets fashion with this jewel-tone purple," says Banbury. "This shade creates depth that instantly beautifies a space by creating a backdrop that is perfect to mix and match with other statement colors."

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Clare Cosmic Vibes

Clare - Cosmic Vibes

Courtesy of Clare

Clare Cosmic Vibes $54.00

Cosmic Vibes is a great color for an entryway or even a dining room—anywhere you want to bring bold energy.

"This is a mysterious, medium dusty purple," says Gibbons. "It's straight out of the Milky Way."

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Valspar Stormy Purple

Valspar - Stormy Purple

Courtesy of Valspar

Valspar Stormy Purple $36.00

Try this color on the outside of your home, whether on the front door, as window trims, or even on the ceiling of the front porch for an unexpected pop of color.

"As we carve out a space to disconnect from our busy lives, this timeless purple gives a fresh perspective on how to refresh a typical garden shed," says Kim. "When you use a small dose of purple outside, it highlights the architectural details and inspires creativity and open-mindedness."

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HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams Magical

Sherwin Williams - Magical

 Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams Magical $38.00

"This casual and playful purple helps a typical office space embrace style that’s uniquely you," says Banbury. "This lighthearted shade serves as a mood booster throughout the workday."

Try it in a home office, playroom, or kids' room for an instant mood lift.

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Clare Prince

Clare - Prince

Courtesy of Clare 

Clare Prince $54.00

"This majestic color has a soft spot for velvet and can rock a heel better than anyone," jokes Gibbons. "It's a deep, rich purple to conjure up a touch of drama."

This color would be great to add drama to a more intimate space like a library, office, or den.

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Valspar Sassy Violet

Valspar Sassy Violet $36.00

"This popular purple is youthful, optimistic, and soft, inspiring inner strength and focus," says Kim.

Try it in small, unexpected places, like on a door or on the back of a bookcase.

Test several swatches of paint in different parts of the room before deciding on one shade. It helps to see how the light changes the color throughout the day.

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HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams Ash Violet

Sherwin-Williams Ash Violet

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams 

HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams Ash Violet $38.00

"This floral-inspired purple shade pairs well with nature-inspired greens and softens bold décor," says Banbury. "This perfect mid-tone has the strength to make an open space feel cozier, and the blue undertone helps this purple carry a refreshing lavender breeze into the room."

Try this in a cozy, low-light room like a hallway or even a moody living room, and pair it with bold hues.

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Valspar Cadet Gray

Valspar - Cadet Gray

 Courtesy of Valspar

Valspar Cadet Gray $36.00

"When you layer a good amount of gray into this mysterious violet, a living space can be transformed into a safe haven," explains Kim. This color evokes a snuggly feeling that encourages us to find contentment in our homes."

Use this color in a moody space like a living room or library for ultimate cozy vibes.