These Are the Only Quotes You Need to Succeed in Life


Dean Kaufman/Trunk Archive

If you're anything like us, there's always room for self-improvement. For that reason, we're constantly looking for new ways to enrich our lives, empower our minds, and bolster our careers. If there's a better way, we want to know about it and apply it to our own lives (or at least try to). From the many interviews we've conducted with successful women, there are a few key things we've learned. From how to develop healthy habits to creating effective morning and evening rituals, there's a nugget of gold tucked inside each and every conversation.  

If you're thirsty for more life lessons and mentorship, our collection of motivational mantras should do the trick. We rounded up the most inspiring quotes from the female leaders in our Career Code series. From Rachel Zoe to Goop's CEO, we guarantee their uplifting words will give you that much-needed boost of enthusiasm. Be sure to click on each quote to read the full interview too.