Proof You Don't Need to Leave the U.S. to Have a Blissfully Relaxing Vacation

You do not need to travel internationally to find a place for some rest and relaxation. Put down your passport and think of all the places inside our borders that are quiet and secluded; there is a worthy destination in just about all fifty states.

Coastal residents are familiar with the soft sounds of the ocean lapping at the shore; that sound has been sampled for relaxation tapes for years. The beach is not the only spot where you can find peace or even go completely off the grid. Several mountain ranges stretch across the country, from the Appalachian in the east to the Rockies in the west. Communing with nature is a beautiful way to reset away from other people, if that is the kind of meditation you are after, and any of the nation’s numerous parks can provide it for you. 

Alternatively, resorts and spas are built for your relaxation. If you don’t mind the bustle of a city outside, the amenities in either type of establishment are meant to be taken advantage of. To get the best of both worlds, smaller towns with ample resources have created resorts that incorporate the outdoors into their programming. Whatever your idea of relaxation, you can find it closer to home than you might think. Check out our roundup of the best relaxing vacations in the US.