The Best Resorts in the World for Every Type of Traveler

Updated 05/14/18
Best Luxury Resorts

With summer fast approaching, we're dreaming of dining alfresco, wearing floral dresses, lounging by the pool all day, and, most importantly, traveling. Translation: Our minds are entering vacation mode. If you're also craving an escape, you're in the right place. Indeed, we created a dream travel guide complete with 10 of the best resorts around the world to help you start planning.

Whether you're looking for luxurious destination spas and retreats where you can reset and relax, design-savvy beach locales where you can indulge and unwind, or a boutique resort with plenty of exciting off-site outdoor adventures, this guide will definitely point you in the right direction. Ready to see all the potential vacation backdrops that await you? Learn about the 10 best resorts in the world below and book your trip for a week of bliss.

A Charming Island Escape

Best Resorts in the World

The Destination: The Bahama House on Harbour Island in the Bahamas

Best Luxury Resorts in the World

What Sets It Apart: This coral-colored villa has all the coastal New England charm you'd expect in Nantucket but with a tropical flair. The best part is that it's quiet and small. There are only nine suites, so it's ideal for a romantic getaway. When you aren't soaking in the sun at the pool or on the pink-sand beach, ask the hotel to help you organize some water sports, book a horseback ride on the shore, or book an afternoon of swimming with pigs in the ocean before riding your pastel-hued gold cart around this endlessly charming island.

A Luxury Camp in the Sahara Desert

Best Glamping Resorts

The Destination: Desert Luxury Camp in Morocco 

Best Glamping in the World
Bon Traveler

What Sets It Apart: Trade in an oceanside getaway for a sea of pink and orange sands, stylish and airy tents, stargazing, and wide-open days of lazing around in the Sahara Desert. If you've always wanted to see the Sahara, glamping is the way to go, especially if you opt for this stylish destination with great guides and service. Though you probably wouldn't want to stay here for your whole visit to Morocco, it's the ideal resort getaway to add to your itinerary if you're traveling to Marrakech, and it's truly a once-in-a lifetime experience.

An Outdoor Adventure in Patagonia

Best Resorts in South America
Lauen Stephanie Wells

The Destination: Awasi in Patagonia, Chile

Best Resorts in Chile
Lauen Stephanie Wells

What Sets It Apart: Visit wineries, unwind in the countryside, and soak in the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Situated on a private nature reserve overlooking Torres del Paine National Park, each private villa is architecturally stunning, yet the interiors are cozy and approachable, making it the perfect retreat after a day of exploring this magical, otherworldly destination. There's also a private reserve with foxes, sheep, and pumas, to name a few.

A Hip Getaway in Baja California

Best hotels in Mexico

The Destination: Hotel San Crístobol in Baja México

Coolest hotels in Mexico

What Sets It Apart: With so many cool new spots popping up in Mexico, it's hard to decide which one we want to visit first. If you want to venture down to Baja, we're loving Hotel San Crístobal in Punta Lomas. It's affordable without skimping out on any of the luxuries you'd expect from a cool, relaxing beach destination. So if you want to hang out by the Pacific Ocean with a margarita in hand and well-curated, on-trend interiors, here's the resort for you.

Seeking Serenity in Indonesia

Most Luxurious Resorts

The Destination: Amanjiwo in Java, Indonesia

Best Spas in the World

What Sets It Apart: Amanjiwo is an incredible resort set in the middle of the Java rainforest. It's surrounded by rice paddy farmlands, green hills, and volcanoes, making the backdrop for your vacation truly breathtaking. The designs have a strong sense of place and speak to the local surrounding, both of which inspire a sense of inner calm and relaxation. The suites have sunken outdoor bathtubs and private gardens, and the spa offers a ton of unique treatments, making it a heavenly resort for honeymooners and wellness seekers.

A Unique and Scenic Adventure in Iceland

Best Resorts in Iceland

The Destination: Deplar Farm in Iceland

Best Hotels in Iceland

What Sets It Apart: If Iceland is on your travel bucket, you've likely heard a lot about the Blue Lagoon, and while you should definitely check it out, we recommend staying at a chic hotel with geothermal waters, spa treatments, and delicious culinary experiences on site. Enter Deplar Farm. The property is owned by Eleven Experiences, a boutique travel company that delivers artfully decorated boutique resorts paired with adventurous travel opportunites unique to the given locale. Here, you can heli-ski, sea kayak, whale watch, see the northern lights, and relax in the sauna or volcanic hot springs.

A Chic Beach Vacation on the Iberian Penninsula

Best Hotels in Portugal

The Destination: Casa Modesta in Algarve, Portugal

Best Resorts in Europe
The Perfect Hideaway

What Sets It Apart: This Portuguese resort looks like a combination of a luxury storefront and a world-famous art gallery, all set against an ocean backdrop. It has the design-savvy elements and natural landscapes of both Europe and North Africa. When you're not admiring the beautiful design of the resort, go to Praia de Benagil, a breathtaking beach with a green-and-pink cave, clean water, and fine golden sand, or go to Cacela Velha in Eastern Algarve. It's known for turquoise lagoons, pink sandbars, and spacious shores to relax on under an umbrella or in the sun.

A Quaint Wine-Centric Break in South Africa

Best Hotels in South Africa
Studio Ashby

The Destination: Robertson Small Hotel, South Africa

Best Boutique Hotels in the World
Studio Ashby

What Sets It Apart: Just outside of Cape Town in the town of Robertson, this chic boutique hotel is full of understated soul and low-key luxury, making it the perfect place when you stay somewhere with a little glamor but without all the frills of a large resort. There are only 10 rooms, each with a unique design and charm. While you're here, you'll enjoy unbelievable service amid sprawling gardens, on-site gourmet eateries, and views of scenic mountain ranges. It's also located in a great wine-producing agricultural region, so if you're a foodie or sommelier in the making, you'll definitely enjoy your stay.

Dreamy Island Hopping in Greece

Best Resorts in Greece

The Destination: Kirini Santorini in Greece

Best Resorts in Santorini

What Sets It Apart: European islands have a ton of great resorts, so it can be difficult to find the best of the best. But if you're looking for a hillside getaway with gorgeous ocean views, you can't go wrong with a Greek getaway. As far as accommodations, Kirini will not disappoint. You'll enjoy soaking in the glorious sunshine while looking out at the idyllic Aegean Sea.

An Indian Safari

Best Luxury Resorts in Asia

The Destination: Aman-i-Khás in Rajasthan, India 

Best Luxury Resorts in India

What Sets It Apart: Located in a national park, this is the ultimate glamping resort. Though there are endless reasons to visit Ranthambore, India, the Aman-i-Khás is the most enticing for anyone seeking a combination of tranquility and adventure. As with all Aman resorts, the décor, dining experiences, service, and scenery are all unparalleled. While you're not out on a safari, we suggest book a Reiki healing session or indulging in one of the other wellness treatments they specialize in. ■

There's more where that came from. Here are 12 more of the best resorts in the world to add to your luxury travel bucket list.

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