9 Chefs Share the World's Best Meals to Try Before You Die

Anyone who's ever felt stuck on a Friday night, deep-diving into restaurant reviews online to find the one good new restaurant to try can attest, it's sometimes hard to judge a book by its cover—or in this case, a restaurant by its review. For adventuring foodies, blindly following the latest It-restaurant trends can be somewhat hit-or-miss. As we are spending more money on restaurants than ever before, it's only natural we want to invest it in a meal that will go down in our memories as one to remember.

So where is the best place to look to find these once-in-a-lifetime meals—the ones that might be for a special occasion, but also the ones that are deceptively casual, and more importantly won't break the bank? Word of mouth is always a good place to start, but the resources can dry out quickly if your entourage isn't particularly epicurean. To give us ideas on where to find our next best meals, we polled nine chefs to share with us the best meal they've ever had. From a 27-course tasting menu to a local patisserie sandwich, here's what they had to say.