The Best Restaurants in Brooklyn Will Convince You to Cross That Bridge

As far as restaurants go, Manhattan often gets all the fanfare and fame. After all, it is home to Eleven Madison Park, voted best restaurant in the world, along with 60 or so Michelin-starred restaurants. It's no wonder it's a major food capital. But if New York Times critic Pete Wells has taught us anything, it's that the best meals are sometimes found in the most unexpected places—like the back of a pizza place in Bushwick, for example.

In fact, to New Yorkers, Brooklyn has become the new hot spot for cutting-edge restaurant openings—many arguing that Manhattan has priced out the chefs and restaurateurs that are daring enough to be innovative. That said, finding these hidden gems among the many Brooklyn neighborhoods is easier said than done, and this New York borough isn't one that can be easily navigated by foot (or even subway) in its entirety. To help you craft the perfect culinary excursion, we rounded up some of the best restaurants in Brooklyn that are sure to be worth the trek. In the mood for a casual brunch, classic French fare, or a 20-course tasting menu? These Brooklyn restaurants won't disappoint.

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