The Best Robes for Women That Look and Feel Amazing

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Whether you’re throwing it on at the beginning of your day or at the end of a long shower, a good robe can either make you feel cozy and snug or like you’re wearing nothing at all! High-quality robes feel fantastic on the skin and are durable enough to last for years. Pockets are an important feature as are interior ties if the fabric is particularly soft. Everything else is pretty much up to preference: Do you want a robe that’ll help you dry off quickly or one that feels particularly luxurious against your skin? Do you want one that keeps you warm in the winter or one that you can wear around the house without overheating? Do you prefer bold colors or more neutral ones? 

Below, we’ve highlighted some of the best robes according to material type, length, price, and style.

Best Overall: Weezie Towels Women's Long White Robe

Weezie Women's Long White Robe

Weezie really did think of everything when they were designing the Women’s Long White Robe. Made in Portugal out of 100% organic, long-staple cotton, this robe has the perfect amount of weight—lusciously soft and thick without being overly warm. It’s long enough to cover your calves but not so long that it drags on the floor when those with a shorter stature try it on.

One of this robe's best features is undoubtedly the fact that the tie is actually sewn onto the back of the robe. This prevents it from slipping out of its loops or getting lost in the wash, and is particularly useful if you're taking it with you on vacation. The sleeves have buttons to keep them out of the way while you’re doing the dishes, and the low-profile collar won't get in the way of face masks or hair treatments.

At $15, the cost of monogramming is a bit more expensive than others, but Weezie's embroidery options are a lot more interesting and comprehensive.

Best Waffle: Brooklinen Waffle Robe


Waffle robes are a great option for summer, as they have a lightweight feel that's also incredibly absorbent and quick to dry. Like many other Brooklinen products, this Waffle Robe is a step above the rest.

While waffle robes are often thin, this one has a denser, softer knit (350 GSM, or grams per square meter) that is quite breathable, making it cozy enough to wear all year-round. It’s made of Turkish Cotton, which is safe to toss in the washer and dryer, and it has roomy side-pockets for added convenience.

The waffle pattern on this robe is distinct and accented by the fold-over collar, thick belt, and rolled sleeves. The Smoke and Graphite color options are particularly sophisticated, but you can’t go wrong with the standard White, either. 

Best Cotton: The Company Store Women's Turkish Cotton Long Robe

The Company Store Women's Turkish Cotton Long Robe

This Turkish cotton robe from the Company Store comes at a great price for such a high-quality item. The long-staple cotton is silky, soft, and lightweight enough for those who get hot easily, and it's durable enough to not fall apart in the wash. (With that being said, it’s important to wash it in a cold cycle with like colors, so that any high-saturation dyes don’t ruin your whites.)

Available in seven colors and an almost unlimited number of monogramming combinations to choose from, this robe is highly personalizable. We do wish that it was available in more plus-size options (the XXL only fits up to a size 20) and that the 50-inch length wasn’t standardized across sizes, but overall, this is a great robe for those who want that spa-quality feel.

Best Linen: Rough Linen St. Barts Linen Robe

Rough Linen St. Barts Linen Robe

The St. Barts Linen Robe embodies everything that is great about linen fabric: it’s soft, breathable, and so durable that it actually gets better with age. Because the sash is thin, it’s easy to tie tightly enough that it won’t fall open every 30 seconds. The sleeves look great cuffed but are also short enough that you can wear them uncuffed if you prefer. The pockets are quite deep, and the shawl collar gives an extra element of sophistication to the silhouette.

You have quite a few options for color: while the Black is a great option for those who like to keep their closet monochromatic, the indigo Ink and the bluish-gray Storm are notably elegant. The texture is most visible on the White and the light-gray Mix, but the White is a touch see-through, so it’s not our favorite choice.

Best Silk: Lunya Washable Silk Robe

Silk Robe

Simultaneously chic and practical, Lunya’s Washable Silk Robe is designed with real life in mind. Unlike other silk clothing, this robe doesn’t need to be brought to the dry-cleaner when it gets dirty. Instead, you just need to lay it flat to dry after you pull it out of the wash. The interior tie offers extra security, and the cinched sleeves can be easily pushed up when you’re washing your hands. We love the in-seam pockets, which are spacious but unobtrusive enough that they don’t detract from the robe’s gorgeous design.

From the creamy, neutral tan to the bright, punchy pink, the colors are stunning. If the Tranquil White is too see-through for your liking, we're partial to the Cloud color—it's opaque with a touch of pearliness to add even more luxuriousness to the look. 

Best Terrycloth: Frette at Home Unisex Milano Terry Robe

Frette at Home Unisex Milano Terry Robe

The Frette at Home Unisex Milano Terry Bathrobe is so soft that it’ll make you feel like you’re walking around in a fashionable Snuggy. It’s 100% cotton and quite thick (450 GSM), so it won’t be the best option for those looking for a summer-friendly robe. Instead, you should choose this robe if you’re looking for something to wrap yourself in on chilly nights.

The robe is 49 inches long, so it will likely skim your ankles if you’re on the shorter side. If you prefer to dress your home and yourself in neutrals, this is a good pick — the Dusty Blue and Ivory are particularly pretty without attracting too much attention. The railroad dobby stitches on the pockets and cuffs are a unique embellishment that’ll make you feel all the more like you’re lounging around a fancy hotel room.

Best Kimono-Style: Kim + Ono Silk Yuri Kimono Robe

Kim + Ono Silk Yuri Kimono Robe

While many of the other robes on this list are quite stylish, none are quite as show-stopping as this Silk Yuri Kimono Robe. With watercolor flowers all over the richly saturated gray, royal blue, and olive colors, the robe is stylish enough that you may be tempted to wear it outside of the house.

Three-quarter sleeves, side slits, and a roomy fit give the kimono robe an opulent, billowy silhouette, which is only accentuated by the 54-inch length (though it may drag on the floor if you’re on the shorter side). The one real drawback of this robe is that it must be dry-cleaned, but that’s certainly not too significant of a deterrent when you’re considering such a masterpiece.

Best Flannel: L.L. Bean Scotch Plaid Flannel Robe


We would be remiss if we failed to include a flannel robe on this list, and L.L. Bean’s Scotch Plaid Flannel Robe is a classic. This well-tailored robe has defined cuffs, a thick shawl collar, and an inside tie to keep it secure all day long. The Portuguese cotton flannel isn’t so heavy that you’ll overheat in it: it’s gloriously soft, drapes nicely, and leaves enough room for thick pajamas underneath.

The Scotch Plaid Flannel Robe comes in a range of lengths (from 48.5-56.75 inches) so that it always skims along the ankle, no matter how tall you are. And although we were disappointed to see that plus sizes cost an extra $9, we appreciated that L.L. Bean accommodates up to a 3X.

Best Lightweight: Parachute Cloud Cotton Robe

Cloud Cotton Robe

Parachute’s Cloud Cotton Robe is like no other that we’ve seen. Made of two layers of 100% long-staple, Turkish cotton gauze, it looks and feels incredibly delicate. That being said, it's surprisingly sturdy (dryer-safe!) and not so thin as to be transparent. The pockets are oversized but hidden in the side seams so they don’t detract from the design.

Despite only offering the robe in four sizes, this above-knee robe accommodates most body types. But because of the limited sizing, you should definitely consult the size guide before purchasing. The robe is available in quite a few bold color options (the Mulberry, for example, is deep and beautiful red) as well as your more classic neutrals—white, beige, and gray.  

Best Velour: SKIMS Velour Long Robe

SKIMS Velour Long Robe

Fans of SKIMS' minimal yet design-forward lingerie and shapewear will appreciate this velour long robe, which has a cozy look that is equally practical and stylish. It has mid-calf, high-low length and luxe satin piping that accents the shawl collar, sleeves, and sash. Other features, like hidden side pockets, thick belt loops, and an interior tie for extra security, make it extra convenient to wear around the house. Most importantly, the velour is heavenly soft and surprisingly warm considering how thin it is.

As is customary of the SKIMS collection, this robe is available in three different nude tones, but it’s also available in gray. It has the most extensive sizing options of all of the robes on this list, ranging from XXS-4X. Perhaps the one thing that we would change about the robe is that it can’t go in the dryer. 

Best Cashmere: Restoration Hardware Cashmere Spa Robe

Restoration Hardware Cashmere Spa Robe

Renovation Hardware’s Cashmere Spa Robe is so well-tailored that you might mistake it for one of your loveliest wrap dresses. The price is quite high, but it reflects the quality of the item: The buttery softness of this jersey-knit cashmere is unparalleled. It’s thin enough to provide a flattering fit but thick enough to be warm and cozy.

As one would expect from cashmere, this robe must be dry-cleaned. It’s available in seven colors and can be monogrammed for an extra $9. The length of the robe is different for each size so that it always falls above the knee.

Best Plush: LL Bean Wicked Plush Robe

LL Bean Wicked Plush Robe

The Women’s Wicked Plush Robe has a blanket-like plushness that mimics the feel of your favorite blanket; in fact, it’s the same material as L.L. Bean’s Wicked Plush Throw! It’s the perfect choice for people who are always cold. It’s generously tailored to allow for layering and has a fluffy Sherpa trim on both the hood and the cuffs to keep your extremities extra warm.

Similar to the Scotch Plaid Flannel Robe, this one can be personally customized to fit your needs. In addition to accommodating an extensive range of sizes, the Wicked Plush Robe is available in six colors and can be monogrammed with initials or names.

Best Hooded: Sferra Canedo Robe

Sferra Canedo Robe

With the luxe texture of velour on the outside and the absorbent fluffiness of terrycloth on the inside, the Canedo Robe is the best of both worlds. The cotton is quite thick (600 GSM) — perfect for those who want something that is extra toasty but will still wick away water. In addition to its well-tailored hood, this robe also has patch pockets and a detachable sash that holds a tie quite well.

Although the Canedo Robe is quite simple and is only available in white, the diamond-weave of the velour gives the robe an understated embellishment. You can have it monogrammed for an extra $20 if your S.O. wants the same one.

Best Budget: SIORO Women's Organic Cotton Robe

SIORO Women's Organic Cotton Robe

At under $30, Sioro’s Essential Organic Cotton Robe is, by far, the cheapest on this list and yet, it has plenty of the great features we’ve mentioned before. It’s got a wide neckline that resembles the Cashmere Spa Robe, an interior tie that offers extra security like the Velour Long Robe, in-seam pockets like the Washable Silk Robe, and the lightness of the Cloud Cotton Robe.

One thing that makes the Sioro robe stand out among the rest is the three-quarter sleeves which stay out of your way as you go about your day. It’s available in seven sizes (XS-3X) and 16 colors, so you can almost definitely find the perfect look and fit for you. 

Best Short: Ralph Lauren The Greenwich Terry Robe

Ralph Lauren The Greenwich Terry Robe

If you want a robe that shows off your gorgeous legs, you can’t go wrong with The Greenwich Terry Robe. Because the length ranges from 37.5-45.5 inches, it should hit above the knee for most sizes. The kimono-style collar and cable detailing on the cuffs. It’s available in ballerina pink, sky blue, and white.

The robe is a good medium weight that should be comfortable to wear year-round. The cotton is very absorbent (it’s actually modeled after Ralph Lauren’s Greenwich towel!), so you should be able to wear it right out of the shower without it feeling damp.

Mark & Graham Knit Bamboo Lounge Robe

Mark & Graham Knit Bamboo Lounge Robe

Mark & Graham’s Knit Bamboo Lounge Robe is roomy but body-hugging in a way that is quite attractive. It’s available in four styles — each of which looks great with the satin piping on the cuffs — and 12 monogram options which you can add for an extra $12.

Bamboo fabrics are odor-resistant and moisture-wicking, so you won’t have to wash them quite as often as other fabrics. Even when it starts to feel a bit stuffy, you can toss it in the dryer, which makes taking care of it even easier. This robe is made almost entirely of bamboo viscose except for the 5% of elastane that gives the robe its comforting stretch. It is also OEKO-TEX certified which means that a third-party lab verified that it is free of over 300 harmful substances. 

Final Verdict

You can't go wrong with Weezie's Long White Robe (view at Weezie), which has a classic spa robe appearance with thoughtful details that make it all the more versatile. If you're looking for something with a bit more flair, we recommend Lunya's Washable Silk Robe (view at Lunya), which is equally chic and practical.

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