15 Romantic Comedies on Netflix to Make You Forget About Your Food Coma


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There are few things more delightful than a feel-good romantic comedy. Even if you’ve been through a breakup or have had a rough week in general, taking a break from real life to turn on a movie about a love story can be an uplifting experience. Pair it with good friends (and ice cream!) and you’ll usually leave the rom-com feeling better than how you came.

While few things hit the top of the box office like rom-coms (Crazy Rich Asians, anyone?), the genre often gets a bad rap for its cheesiness. But even if you pretend to dislike romantic comedies in theaters, you’re probably a less judgy when it comes to your Netflix account. Fortunately for you—and for all of us, really—the streaming service keeps quality rom-coms stocked up, so you can enjoy the heights, depths, and complexities of relationships any time.

Each month Netflix changes its offerings, so even if your favorite flick isn’t available, it doesn’t mean it won’t ever be. We’ve done some searching and found the best romantic comedies on Netflix right now. So go ahead: Call your friends to screen a movieor don’t. One thing’s for sure—you’ll want to grab snacks.