22 Rooms That Made Our Jaws Drop to the Floor

Library room with wood paneling and modern finishes

Amy Bartlam

While we're always floored by the sheer volume of striking homes that come across our desks, MyDomaine editors agree that the ante has been upped these past few years. We've been sent some seriously cool inside looks from talented interior designers and photographers across the U.S. and overseas, showcasing some traditional uses of space and some not-so-traditional.

To honor these prized places and seriously skilled designers, we wanted to share the 22 best rooms from some of our favorite houses to fuel your design inspiration. Happy pinning!

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Make a Good First Impression in the Entryway

Vintage and chic entryway with rustic touches

Becca Interiors

Vintage charm is one of the best styles for evoking a warm welcome. The team at Becca Interiors captured just that in this Victorian Colonial Revivalist home in New York. Vintage pieces mixed with modern touches enhance the natural style of this house and blend for a cozy yet show-stopping look.

Transform your own vintage pieces that have seen better days with a new coat of paint or stain and style with new or new-to-you pieces for the perfect blend.

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Marry Style and Function in the Mudroom

Slate blue paneled mud room with herringbone floor

Whittney Parkinson Design

Finding the right balance of utility and style isn't always easy, but designer Whittney Parkinson seems to have mastered the ability. The mudroom in this Indianapolis home is top-to-bottom chic with slate blue built-ins, herringbone floors, and brass accents while offering complete functionality in the form of hooks, baskets, drawers, and a wide bench.

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Contrast Intentionally in the Living Room

Modern contemporary living room in neutral tones

Amy Bartlam

Modern design meets timeless architecture in this fresh and bright living room. The repetition of curved lines from the sofa to the coffee table to the mantle mirror creates cohesion while contrasting beautifully with matte black metals in sharp angles for an aesthetically pleasing effect. A wood coffee table and houseplants add a touch of organic warmth and ground the space.

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Aim for Cohesion in the Dining Room

Fresh, modern dining room with wood table, woven leather chairs, and matte black lighting

Amy Bartlam

When styling a pass-through room, you need to consider adjacent rooms so elements blend harmoniously—the interior designer of this earthy dining room did just that. After looking past the stunning table setup and lighting fixture, a symmetrical gallery wall grabs your eye, followed by an equally beautifully styled living room. This space is the perfect mix of modern and warmth.

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Blend With Abandon in the Kitchen

Modern traditional kitchen with sage and wood cabinets and graphic tile

Amy Bartlam

Between the mixed cabinets, tile motif, curved arch, and open shelving, there's a lot going on in this kitchen—and yet, it all works seamlessly. An overall sage and white color scheme keeps things light and open, while repeated wood accents add warmth and character. We wouldn't change a single thing here.

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Cozy Up Corners in the Breakfast Nook

Modern eclectic dining nook with tulip table, vintage rug and chairs, and built-in bench.

Katie Hackworth

Ahh, the breakfast nook. Also known as the eat-in kitchen, dinette, or whatever it is you call the place you actually eat that isn't the dining room. Whatever it may be, this cozy corner looks like the perfect spot to enjoy a rainy morning with a cup of coffee or watch a vivid sunset, glass of wine in hand. We can't get enough of the vintage vibes and modern touches.

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Stick to Simplicity in the Powder Room

Dark green powder room with mid century accents

Tyler Karu Design + Interiors

If you've ever tried your own hand at interior decorating, you know that despite their small size, powder rooms can be one of the trickiest rooms to tackle. Short of expensive renovations, you're pretty much stuck with what you get. But this modern bathroom from designer Tyler Karu is proof that simple really is better—sleek, streamlined fixtures are set off by bold green walls for an overall Mid-Century Modern vibe.

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Maximize Focus in the Office

Bright, modern home office with light wood accents

Anne Sage

Raise your hand if your home office is an extra bedroom disguised with a mish-mash of furniture stolen from other rooms! You're not alone. Interior designer Anne Sage is here to show us that a home office doesn't have to be an afterthought. With a few built-ins (real or faux), some artwork, and a classy chair, you'll have a workspace as dreamy as this that'll make you never want to go back to the office.

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Let Yourself Smile in the Laundry Room

Modern laundry room with wood and white cabinets and whimsical wallpaper

Cathie Hong Interiors

We don't know about you, but we'd never dread wash day again if our laundry room looked anything like the one in this sunny San Jose home. Designer Cathie Hong nailed the modern look by contrasting warm wood and fresh whites, plus added a healthy dose of whimsy with cat-themed wallpaper. This space would make us absolutely giddy to run a load.

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Keep Calm and Sleep On in the Master Bedroom

Calm, neutral master bedroom with light wood accents and houseplants

Design: Pure Salt Interiors; Photo: Vanessa Lentine

Serenity is the word that comes to mind when we take in this expertly styled California master—it is exactly what a bedroom should be. A neutral palette, light wood accents, and organic elements on a backdrop of fresh white walls feel inviting and comforting. Bonus points for architectural details like the planked ceiling and barn door. We're breathing easier just looking at this room.

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Create an Organized Oasis in the Closet

Bright, light, and white walk-in closet with gold and wood accents.

Reena Sotropa

Fresh, modern, and with a view—this Canadian walk-in is what closet dreams are made of. Reena Sotropa and her team clearly know the elements of a functional closet: various height rods, deep shelves, and plenty of drawers for maximum storage. Not to mention a killer vanity with tons of natural light for flawless makeup application. We'd jump out of bed every morning if it meant getting ready in this closet paradise.

Not everyone can afford to overhaul their closet space, but the right organization system can transform any closet into a dream space. Utilize boxes, bins, dividers, and hooks to make the most of vertical space, empty walls, and the back of closet doors.

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Strike a Balance in the En Suite Bathroom

Modern and classic bathroom with navy cabinets and stone countertops.

Cathie Hong Interiors

The meaning of luxury has been redefined in the past decade—long gone are the gaudy spaces that we once considered opulent. Now when we think luxe, we see spaces that strike a perfect balance in more ways than one. Take this swoon-worthy en suite: modern elements like an oversized round mirror, mixed-metal fixtures, fresh white walls, and geometric tiles are contrasted beautifully with a vintage rug, dark traditional vanity, marble countertops, and brass hardware for a dazzling result.

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Don't Miss an Opportunity in the Hallway

Modern hallway with wallpaper, plank ceiling, and globe light fixtures.

Laura Brophy Interiors

Who says hallways have to be boring? In our time spent looking through home after gorgeous home, we've seen some fabulous hallways that deserve to be recognized in their own right. Case in point: this Huntington Beach hallway with more visual appeal than an art gallery. A subtle wall mural, wood-planked ceiling, ultra-modern light fixtures, and peek-a-boo vignette add up to a complete "wow" moment.

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Dream a Little Bigger in the Nursery

Vintage-inspired nursery with wall paper and vintage furniture

Rikki Snyder

While we've seen our fair share of inspiring modern-day nurseries, this vintage-styled room caught our eye immediately. Going against the grain of bright white everything, this designer opted for a room saturated with color from yellow to pink to blue for a cozy, gender-neutral look. We can't get enough of the patterned wallpaper and vintage prints, not to mention the plush, velvet chair ideal for nursing.

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Break From the Norm in the Library

Library room with wood paneling and modern finishes

Amy Bartlam

While not every home has a library, we're here to tell you (or rather, show you) why every home should. Take this room, for example. Beyond giving you serious Beauty and the Beast vibes complete with a rolling ladder, don't those plush leather chairs just invite you to curl up with a good book? And doesn't that massive window bay seem like the perfect backdrop for family game night? Utter perfection.

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Set the Right Tone in the Guest Bedroom

Calming guest behdroom with mid-century and traditional accents

Ashley Montgomery Design

The perfect guest bedroom should keep your guests feeling relaxed and at ease for a comfortable stay—designer Ashley Montgomery made sure this Toronto home's guest room does all that and more. A soothing color palette, hotel-worthy linens, and plenty of lighting add up to an idyllic home away from home, complete with calming artwork that has us practically hearing the waves.

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Encourage Time Together in the Family Room

Modern eclectic family room

White Sands

More casual than a formal living room, a family room is where you spend time with your family and should reflect that—this eclectic Cali living space in Manhattan Beach ticks all the boxes. Soft, cozy surfaces encourage playing and lounging while photos and mementos infuse the space with warmth and personality, exuding chicness all the while. It's easy to picture both family game nights and friendly cocktail parties here.

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Step Up Your Game in the Home Gym

Home gym with dark walls and uplighting

Bespoke Only

Although we've all learned how to get creative with at-home workouts, a home gym like this one designed by Bespoke Only would make meeting our fitness goals a cinch given that we'd never want to leave this room. A moody color palette, wood-slat ceiling, swanky accent lighting, and all the basic equipment add up to one of the chicest gyms we've ever laid eyes on.

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Make Time for Yourself in the Meditation Room

Meditation room with built in sofas and rattan ottomans

Jenn Pablo Studio

These days, most of us understand the value of quiet time, but it's not always easy to come by. Why not dedicate a room in your house to being a peaceful retreat for meditation and reflection? The wood and white combo in this Pacific Palisades home creates an instantly relaxing environment for anyone who walks through the door, then plush surfaces invite you to sink in for some quality "me" time.

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Let the Light in the Sunroom

Sun room office in Portland Maine with floating desk and Eames chair

Tyler Karu Design + Interiors

This totally non-traditional use of a sunroom had us doing a double-take. While we're all for turning your sunroom into an indoor jungle, we're pretty obsessed with this minimal take on a workspace, too. The sleek Mid-Century Modern furnishings and light-on-light color palette don't take any attention away from stunning harbor views in this Portland, Maine, home.

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Bring the Indoors to the Outdoor Dining Room

Outdoor dining area with pool, wood accents, and plant wall

Amy Bartlam

Is there anything better than an evening spent dining al fresco with loved ones while the wine and conversation flow? We can think of only one: that same evening on a patio like this little slice of heaven. Modern, chic, and comfortable, with all the trappings you need for the perfect dinner party. Our favorite part? Hands down the cascading plants from those living wall installations, though the pool takes a close second.

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Get Some Fresh Air in the Outdoor Living Room

Outdoor living area with wood and rattan furniture and a stone fireplace

Design: Pure Salt Interiors; Photo: Vanessa Lentine

Picture this: you next to your S.O., sitting under the stars in front of a crackling fire, cocktail in hand—are you relaxed yet? Soft whites, warm woods, and organic greens blend to create one dreamy atmosphere in this outdoor living space designed by the talented team at Pure Salt Interiors. Curate your outdoor space even half as well and we're pretty sure you'll never go back inside again.

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