Ugly Floors? These Showstopping Rugs Will Make Them Disappear

a woman sitting in a chair above a patterned rug

Other than painting a room, a large rug is one of the easiest ways to completely transform a space. It can add texture to an already-completed room or mask an unsightly floor almost entirely. Rooms with dark floors can be brightened up with a light rug, while bright-and-airy rooms can be layered with a colorful rug. So how do you choose the best rug to transform your space? It all starts with identifying the perfect size for your needs.

The material, price, and color are also important considerations: Do you need a rug that's hard-wearing for pets or small children? Do you want something that's extra soft underfoot for a bedroom? Are you looking to make a bright statement or create a neutral base? Once you've narrowed down your needs, it's time to get shopping. To make the decision a little easier, we handpicked the best rugs that are suited for all budgets, styles, and sizes.

Serena & Lily Indio Dhurrie
Serena & Lily Indio Dhurrie $798 $559

Built like a traditional dhurrie but with modern tones and offset stripes, this flat-weave rug is a beautiful, striking base for a warm, neutral room.

West Elm Lucent Rug
West Elm Lucent Rug $300 $500

West Elm's Lucent rugs come in a variety of colors and are the perfect lustrous base for a minimalist room. The subtle shine is modern and elegant all at once.

Williams Sonoma Spice Market Overdyed Rug
Williams Sonoma Spice Market Overdyed Rug $895

Williams Sonoma used a centuries-old Persian garden pattern to create this rich, overdyed rug in dramatic rust tones. If you want a modern version of a classic Persian, this is it.

CB2 Equinox Grey Ombre Rug $299

This ombre rug adds a vintage touch to a space while still feeling fresh and modern. It's a great affordable, hardworking rug option that's pet- and kid-friendly.


The fantastic thing about dark handwoven rugs is that they hide imperfections really well, making them the perfect hard-wearing choice for kids and pets. It looks pretty great too.

Maza Flat Weave Wool Rug
ABC Carpet & Home Maza Flat Weave Wool Rug $11500 $5635

Developed on the shores of the Caspian Sea, this unique style of rug is made from vegetable-dyed wool and sewn together to create a unique flame-stitch pattern.

Faye Rug West Elm
West Elm Faye Rug $400-700

It takes a bit of courage to maintain a white rug, but this chic design is definitely worth it. The subtle line patterns in this hand-loomed rug give it depth.

ABC Carpet & Home Color Reform Spectrum Overdyed Rug
ABC Carpet & Home Color Reform Spectrum Overdyed Rug $5100 $2700

This Pakistani overdyed rug is the height of sophistication—with Cypress trees and symbolic representations of everlasting life, this rug is a modern take on a centuries-old technique.

Williams Sonoma Hand Knotted Tibetan Tiger Rug
Williams Sonoma Hand Knotted Tibetan Tiger Rug $1695

This hand-knotted Tibetan tiger rug is not for the faint of heart, but it can make a beautiful statement in a smaller space like a large entryway. 

Cheetah Rug
Anthropologie Cheetah Rug $68-798

A modern interpretation of traditional wild cat rugs, this Anthropologie carpet creates a subtle tonal pattern that feels modern and layered.

Serena & Lily Carmel Hand-Knotted Rug
Serena & Lily Carmel Hand-Knotted Rug $1298

This textural, neutral Persian-knot rug is the perfect base for a soft, tonal room. The subtle changes in tone also hide small imperfections easily.

TG20-Leather And Straw Vintage Berber Moroccan Tuareg Mat
Hannoun Rugs Leather And Straw Vintage Berber Moroccan Tuareg Mat $3100

Tuareg rugs have been trending among interior designers for a while, but they haven't yet caught on as a full-blown trend. Get one ahead of everyone else—we predict they'll be huge in the next year.

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