7 Sandwich Recipes for Grown-Ups Even Kids Will Love

Sometimes the struggle is real when it comes to rallying the energy to cook a proper meal. We’ve already taken you through a guided tour of what we cook when we don’t want to cook anything. Tacking onto our problem-solving think tank on how to keep it real simple in the kitchen, today we’re counting down our very favorite sandwich recipes. From veggie-filled healthy eats to the undeniable appeal of a classic grilled cheese, quick and easy sandwiches never fail to bring their A game to the table.

Kick back. Relax. Whip up a round of these tried-and-true recipes and take them to go on your way to soak up the great outdoors this holiday. With their flavorful, grown-up combination of nutritious ingredients and inventive twists, these delicious combinations promise to satisfy any palette—even the kiddie table. Give your kitchen the day off. It’s adventure time.