Don't Sweat It—These Breathable Cool Sheets Were Made for Summer

Best Sheets for Summer

When was the last time you woke up drenched in sweat in the middle of the night? If this happens to you all too often, your bedding might be to blame. Although we love scoring a great deal on a new set of crisp white sheets, it's worth taking an extra look at the composition and materials before clicking purchase to ensure that yours are breathable and moisture-wicking (excuse the visual). When it comes to the best sheets for summer, it's best to stick to natural fibers like linen and cotton. Synthetic materials typically don't allow ventilation, leaving you feeling sweaty and hot.

Linen is a personal taste—some like it, some don't—but one thing is for sure: It's the most breathable bedding fabric, and it has a natural cooling effect, making it ideal for summer. Cotton sheets such as percale (if you like a crisp matte finish) and sateen (if you prefer a slight sheen) are also natural and ultra lightweight. Just don't get trapped in the thread-count obsession—the higher the thread count, the more tightly the sheets are woven, trapping heat in the process. For maximum results, opt for lighter-colored sheets, especially if your bed is by a window with natural sunlight.

Ahead, we've outlined a few of the best sheets for summer so you can sleep cool and dry. And if you're not the type of person that changes sheets with season, we guarantee you'll love these in winter too.

Parachute Percale Venice Set $239

This percale sheet set is made of extra-soft 100% Egyptian cotton, feels cool to the touch, and is ultra lightweight. We're big fans.

Belgian Linen Standard Sham
West Elm Belgian Linen Standard Sham $44

Belgian linen is the golden standard of summer bedding for breathability and softness. West Elm's Belgian flax.

Brooklinen Linen Core Sheet Set $249

Brooklinen also has a wonderful linen sheet set that's light as air and stonewashed for irresistible softness. It's super absorbent to keep you cool and dry.

Snowe Softexture Duvet Cover $228

Snowe's Softexture is our favorite for the carefree look of pre-washed linen with the softness of cotton. It's breezily rumpled, it's extra soft, and it has a looser weave, which will keep you cool.

Maison Tess Washed Linen White and Rose Bedroom Set $446

This newcomer on the bedding scene hails from Montréal, Canada, and is made with 100% stonewashed French flax linen. The sets come in a variety of fun color combinations, so you don't even have to give bed making an extra thought—it's already planned out for you.

Matteo Vintage Cotton Sham $55

Ask any L.A. cool girl what her bedding is, and chances are she'll say Matteo. This cult brand specializes in linen sheets, but we also love this vintage cotton set, which is ethically made the way bedding was loomed generations ago. It's made of 100% cotton fabric with a linen feel.

Riley Baratta Duvet Cover and Shams Set $259

For a crisp, tailored look, opt for this Riley sateen set made from 100% cotton sateen weave, making it super soft with a lustrous sheen.

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