These Are the 10 Best Sheet Sets on Amazon

We all want sheets that feel soft, cozy, and luxurious to curl up in—but we don't always want to pay a luxury price tag for them. Rather than spending a chunk of your décor budget on an expensive sheet set, we searched to find affordable options that feel high-end. Thanks to thoughtful users and their five-star recommendations, we settled on 10 of the best sheets on Amazon that'll make your bed feel so much more inviting.

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1. Mellanni

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set $27

There's a reason this one has over 43,000 5-star reviews. They're easy to care for, silky soft, and come in a variety of color and pattern options.

"My husband and I just bought a new bed, and I'm really picky about the sheets we use. I like them so much, I'm planning on ordering a few more sets. The price is completely reasonable for a king-size, which are normally super expensive. I highly recommend them." — Michelle Weber

2. AmazonBasics

best sheets on amazon
AmazonBasics Microfiber Sheet Set $18

These AmazonBasics sheets come in under $20, but they're absolutely high-quality. They're machine-washable, extremely soft, and wrinkle-resistant.

"We have washed them multiple times as per the instructions and haven't had any problems with them shrinking or becoming thinner. They feel like the nice, expensive sheets we received for our wedding and honestly, it's the value. You can buy three pairs of these sheets for the price you may pay for one pair elsewhere and you'll be happier. We're currently waiting to pick out a new bedspread, and I'll be buying more." — Kamariah Hajner

3. HomeIdeas

best sheets on amazon
HomeIdeas 4-Piece Bed Sheet Set $25

Allergy sufferers, you'll love these hypoallergenic sheets. Not only are they soft and breathable, but they're also strong and durable, so they'll hold up over time.

"Because the price was so low, I had low expectations. But when I opened it up, I was blown away by the quality. They are like any high-end luxury sheet set! Soft, wrinkle-free, cozy, and light—not heavy. I'm very particular with sheets and I hate stiff, heavy bedding. These are perfect, and you can't beat that price." — Paige Piskin

 4. Sweet Home Collection

best sheets on amazon
Sweet Home Collection 1500 Supreme Collection Extra Soft Set $19

If you're a hot sleeper, you need these breathable sheets. They're designed to keep you cool even on the most uncomfortably warm nights.

"They are soft and cool, exactly like we like them. They feel like my grandma's 100 percent cotton sheets that are 30 years old—they're that soft. I waited to write this review until we'd had them for a few months, just to see how they would wear after a few washings. They're still as soft and smooth as they were the first time." — Elizabeth R. 

 5. Easeland

best sheets on amazon
Easeland 1800 Thredcount Microfiber Bed Sheet $25

These Easeland sheets are under $30, and they're resistant to fading, stains, shrinking, and wrinkles—you can't beat that!

"They are very, very soft, and have an expensive feel once you crawl in. It's like sleeping in a comfy cuddle! And unlike my other sheets, the fitted sheet stays in place due to very deep pockets, which makes for a wrinkle-free sleeping surface. I would definitely buy more of these!" — Kathy

6. Danjor Linens

best sheets on amazon
Danjor Linens 1800 Series Premium Bed Sheets $30

These sheets are not only ultra-soft, but they're also ultra-durable, so they'll last you a long time. If you love the feel of luxury hotel sheets, these are for you.

"The first time I pulled them out of the dryer and put them on the bed, I was completely stunned. You would have thought I had ironed them, they were so smooth and crisp looking. As for the actual feel of them, they are ridiculously soft and have a luxurious hotel feel. I like them so much, I bought two more sets." — N. Freeman

 7. Nestl Bedding

best sheets on amazon
Nestl Bedding King-Size Bed Sheets $38

If you have a 14- or 16-inch deep pocket mattress, these sheets are the perfect fit. They're great for memory foam mattress toppers or mattress pads. The smooth, snug fit will stay secure and won't ride up.

"I ordered these on a whim because I wanted nice-looking sheets that would be cool but still soft. I was so impressed with these! They're incredibly soft right out of the package, and they are pretty wrinkle-resistant. Even after sleeping in them, they stayed pretty crisp. The pillowcases are very soft and comfy to sleep on. I like that these sheets are lightweight, they're perfect for summertime!" — Lindsey L. 

8. Cosy House Collection

best sheets on amazon
Cosy House Collection Queen-Size Bed Sheets $40

Cozy is the name of the game. These sheets are softer than silk and stronger than cotton. You can't go wrong.

"Was it worth every penny? Absolutely. And for a set of king sheets, $35 is not expensive at all. It may be the least I've ever spent on sheets. I cannot testify to the durability of this sheet set because I've only had it for one night, but what I will say is even if they are somehow torn to shreds within a month, I'll just come back and buy them again because now I can't live without them." — Laura I. 

9. Utopia Bedding

best sheets on amazon
Utopia Bedding 4-Piece Queen Bed Sheet Set $19

If you hate changing your bedding according to the season, these Utopia sheets are failsafe. They'll keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Plus, they're exceptionally soft.

"I've never ordered bedsheets through Amazon. I've always gone to Target or other retail stores. I decided to give it a try, and at such a great deal I figured why not. I ordered the full-size bed sheet in gray. I washed it right away. I was pleasantly surprised at how snug it fit. There wasn't extra fabric sagging and it wasn't too tight to where any movement would cause the bedsheet to roll up off the mattress. Overall, I'm pleased with how comfortably soft the sheets are. I can't say how long they'll last, but I'll be sure to update my review once the sheets no longer hold up." — Aimee A. 

10. Southshore Fine Living

best sheets on amazon
Southshore Fine Living Extra Deep Pocket Sheet Set $33

These wrinkle-resistant sheets are lightweight, durable, and brushed for extra softness. They're also shrinkage free, so no matter how many times you wash them, you'll still get the perfect fit.

"If I could only give these sheets 10 stars! I was looking for sheets for my son's bed when I found these, and they were a good price so I gave it a try. When they arrived, I washed them and felt how soft they were and I was in love. I have paid much more money for sheet sets than this, and this is the best by far that I have ever owned. I immediately ordered a set for my bed and I am so happy with them. I have paid more than $100 for a sheet of 1200 thread count that doesn't even compare to these in softness, fit, and shrinkage." — Joan Anderson

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