The Best Shows to Watch on Netflix When All You Want to Do Is Hibernate

Once you're hooked on a TV show, there's nothing better than streaming episode after episode. Luckily, these days, binge-watching entire seasons of television classics and modern gems alike is entirely possible. But this easy access to entertainment also means we finish our favorite series pretty quickly, and there's nothing worse than enjoying your current obsession only to be greeted with the series finale credits. Then you're left hungry for the next set of characters, themes, and stories to jump into.

Thankfully, with the influx of streaming platforms to absorb content on, amazing television series are continuously being added to your favorite sites every month. To ensure that all our fellow television lovers can indulge, we rounded up the best shows to watch on Netflix for every mood and interest. This way, you'll also always have something to watch during the off-season of your go-to series. Keep scrolling to find your binge-worthy match and similar shows to keep in mind once you inevitably finish it.