The Best Shows to Watch on Netflix When All You Want to Do Is Hibernate

Updated 12/12/18

Once you're hooked on a TV show, there's nothing better than streaming episode after episode. Luckily, these days, binge-watching entire seasons of television classics and modern gems alike is entirely possible. But this easy access to entertainment also means we finish our favorite series pretty quickly, and there's nothing worse than enjoying your current obsession only to be greeted with the series finale credits. Then you're left hungry for the next set of characters, themes, and stories to jump into.

Thankfully, with the influx of streaming platforms to absorb content on, amazing television series are continuously being added to your favorite sites every month. To ensure that all our fellow television lovers can indulge, we rounded up the best shows to watch on Netflix for every mood and interest. This way, you'll also always have something to watch during the off-season of your go-to series. Keep scrolling to find your binge-worthy match and similar shows to keep in mind once you inevitably finish it.

Best Shows on Netflix
Twin Peaks

The Vibe: Surreal and intellectual early '90s mystery drama

The Basics: A pretty teen is found dead in a small mountain town, and though it opens with what's now become a pretty expected story line, this iconic David Lynch series bends into something much more eccentric, surreal, and sinister (complete with an unforgettable, eerie, atmospheric soundtrack). 

More Shows Like This to Stream on Netflix: Bates Motel and Riverdale

Best TV Shows on Netflix

The Vibe: Witty, random, and goofy

The Basics: This self-aware sketch-comedy series is downright hilarious, especially if you love to poke fun at the absurd lifestyles, habits, and trends we tend to accept as normal. Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen portray a variety of oddball yet highly relatable characters in the hip city of Portland, Oregon. 

More Shows Like This to Stream on Netflix: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Documentary Now!

Best Tv Series on Netflix
The Office

The Vibe: Feel-good comedy that'll make you laugh out loud

The Basics: No matter how many times you watch this series, the goofy hijinks, engaging relationship arcs, and innovative mockumentary style just never get old (personally, I'm on round five). The title speaks for itself, as the show is simply about an office and all the dynamics in it. 

More Shows Like This to Stream on Netflix: The Office (UK version) and Parks and Recreation

What to Watch on Netflix

The Vibe: Dark, bleak detective saga based on real events

The Basics: Based on the true story of the FBI detectives who delved into the psychology of murderers to come up with standardized profiles in the '70s, this series is definitely not for the faint of heart. Though this show seems pretty slow at first, it picks up, so definitely keep watching. 

More Shows Like This to Stream on Netflix:  Criminal Minds and Dexter

Orange Is the New Black

The Vibe: Sweet, sad, clever, eye-opening, inspiring, disillusioning, hilarious… clearly complicated

The Basics: A privileged New Yorker is sent to prison when a crime comes back to haunt her. We then step inside the prison walls and meet the cast of women there. It's hard to pin this series down to one thing since it touches on pressing systemic issues while also managing to be funny, touching, heartbreaking, and gripping all at once.  

More Shows Like This to Stream on Netflix: The L Word and Wentworth

Stranger Things

The Vibe: Science-fiction horror story meets triumphant and adventurous coming-of-age tale

 The Basics: This thrilling series will make you reminisce about your own childhood (if it was anything like a hybrid between E.T., The Goonies, Alien, and Poltergeist, that is). Get to know this group of kids as they set out to find their missing friends in a small town in the '80s.

More Shows Like This to Stream on Netflix: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Hemlock Grove


The Vibe: Quirky romantic comedy

The Basics: This original Netflix series follows two misfits navigating their changing relationship statuses in Los Angeles. If you live in L.A. or have ever dreamt of moving there, you'll fall in love with the Echo Park and Los Feliz neighborhoods even more, which are just as much a character as the rest of the cast.

More Shows Like This to Stream on Netflix: Easy and Flaked

Black Mirror

The Vibe: Disturbing, dystopian, and thought-provoking.

The Basics: This anthology show basically puts us in a bunch of thoroughly upsetting but totally imaginable "what if?" situations that will make you think about technology and personhood in a whole new way. You probably won't leave feeling comfortable, or even in agreement, but it still poses a ton of interesting hypotheticals. 

More Shows Like This to Stream on Netflix: The OA and Maniac

Queer Eye

The Vibe: Feel-good reality TV

The Basics: A group of confident, kind, loving, and seriously stylish men dubbed the Fab Five spend a week with a person in need of a head to soul makeover each episode. They work together to upgrade their subject's home, cooking habits, hair, style, and confidence, but the show is about so much more than that. It promotes not only self-love but love for everyone—no matter how different from you they may appear at first glance.

More Shows Like This to Stream on Netflix: The Great British Baking Show and Stay Here

Alias Grace

The Vibe: Eerie psychological thriller that also happens to be a period piece

The Basics: A woman who's a convicted murderer is analyzed by a psychiatrist in 19th-century Canada. We hear her story and try to discern whether or not she really committed the crime. Just keep in mind that this a miniseries, so try not to rush through it. Based on a true story, this series was adapted from a Margaret Atwood book, so The Handmaid's Tale fans will rejoice. 

More Shows Like This to Stream on Netflix: Peaky Blinders and Godless

Dear White People

The Vibe: Funny satirical social critique packed with informative wisdom

The Basics: Set on a predominately white Ivy League campus, we get to know a group of students of color as they explore issues of identity and discrimination in their personal, academic, and public lives. This show explores what race is, how it informs our experiences, and how both individuals and institutions resist, internalize, enact, and defy racism in various ways.

More Shows Like This to Stream on Netflix:  Chewing Gum and Atypical

Breaking Bad

The Vibe: Quiet midlife crisis and family drama meet a neo-noir crime adventure

The Basics: When a high school chemistry teacher is diagnosed with lung cancer, he begins cooking and selling meth in the hopes of supporting his family. 

More Shows Like This to Stream on Netflix: Ozark and Better Call Saul


The Vibe: Intense family dramedy

The Basics: Following a family of six children as they try to get by without their absent mother and alcoholic father, this show is both twisted and funny. If you love dark comedy, sarcasm, and plenty of drama, this is the match for you. 

More Shows to Like This to Stream on Netflix: Weeds and Californication

Gilmore Girls

The Vibe: Feel-good nostalgia

The Basics: This show is basically a modern-day fairytale about the heartwarming relationship between a single mother and her daughter in an idyllic Connecticut town. If you loved this show as a teen, rewatch it on Netflix now, and don't forget the four reunion episodes.

More Shows Like This to Stream on Netflix: Parenthood and Jane the Virgin

Mad Men

The Vibe: Quietly pensive, gripping, and poignant

The Basics: If you love period pieces and haven't taken a deep dive into this series, you're in for a treat. This show invites us inside New York's most prestigious agency as we take a look at the people who work there over the course of the '60s. 

More Shows Like This to Stream on Netflix: The Crown and The Tudors.

Arrested Development

The Vibe: Family portrait with dry, oddball humor

The Basics: What happens when a spoiled, out-of-touch, and dysfunctional family goes from filthy rich to bankrupt overnight? Well, with the likes of Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Portia de Rossi, and David Cross (just to name a few) making up the cast, you can expect endless clever banter and goofy hijinks. 

More Shows Like This to Stream on Netflix: Schitt's Creek and BoJack Horseman


The Vibe: Intense, violent, and gritty crime drama

The Basics: If you love period pieces rife with crime, tune into this series about the Colombian drug trade in the '80s. It's based on real events as law enforcement tries to take down Pablo Escobar and his empire.  

More Shows Like This to Stream on Netflix: Bloodline and Outlaw Bikers

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