16 of the Best Skincare Products for 40-Year-Olds, According to an Expert

"For women in their 40s, the effects of sun damage and intrinsic aging begin to show in the form of unwanted brown spots, broken blood vessels, fine lines, and slightly less firm skin," Beverly Hills dermatologist Jennifer Herrmann, an MD at MFC Dermatology, says. "Estrogen also starts decrease in the 40s, and many women notice that their skin appears more dull or flat as a result. Finally, early sagging and a less defined jawline start to appear in this decade as gravity sets in."

If you're in your 40s and you just got through reading that paragraph, don't despair—there's actually something you can do about this beyond reaching for the nearest wine bottle. As skin in this decade begins to reflect its history, it's important to develop a routine that specifically targets those signs of aging. Thankfully, Herrmann is an expert in this age group's needs, so she has a list of vital ingredients to keep in mind.

"For those with pigmentation issues, ingredients like vitamin C, kojic acid, and other botanicals can lighten dark spots," she continues. "For fine lines, growth factors and retinoids that induce collagen synthesis help soften lines and stave off their deepening. And light moisturizers or cleansers with alpha hydroxy acids can help gently exfoliate dead skin cells for a more youthful appearance. Lastly, the need for sunscreen also continues throughout this decade, and formulations that are specific to a patient's skin type are important."

We asked Herrmann to expand on these recommendations with six morning-to-night tips that women in their 40s should consider for more youthful-looking complexions. She notes that it's important to tailor this advice to individual skin types and to also consider complementing at-home products with in-office treatments—ideally, some with light lasers and radio-frequency heat—to reduce damage even more. "The 40s are a great time to see a board-certified dermatologist who can help you get a proactive anti-aging plan in place," she says. "Small enhancements during this decade can keep you looking natural much longer and help you avoid more invasive treatments in your 50s and 60s."

Read on to get her tips, and prepare to face this decade's skin challenges with confidence. After all, if you're in your 40s, then you likely have plenty of self-assuredness, too.