I Always Get Compliments on My Skin—These Are the 10 Products I Use Every Day


Anna Harty

I'm certainly not a Type A person—not by a long shot. My vintage '70s bedroom chair barely sees the light of day, consistently draped in whatever clothing I tried on that morning (or, more accurately, every day that week). My dresser drawers are never organized, and my clothes are hardly properly folded. One aspect of my oft off-kilter lifestyle is precise, though, and that's my bathroom vanity. The shelves are intricately cataloged, with products grouped by formula and frequency of use. It's a labyrinth of bottles, jars, and tubes.

See, to say I have an elaborate skincare routine would be a massive understatement. It has a lot to do with my job, naturally, but really it comes down to my penchant for a glowy, plump, and blemish-free canvas. All I'm saying is that I care about my skin. And the work pays off. I get compliments on it most days—but that doesn't go without meticulous care. I've done a lot of trial and error and a lot of testing and retesting to find the formulas that work best for me and the frequency with which to use them. Below find every single product I use on a daily basis.