Upgrade Your WFH Routine With These Ultra-Cozy Slippers

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There’s nothing like coming home from a long day of work, and sliding out of your shoes and into comfy slippers. Or, maybe nowadays, it’s the slippers that have become your “work shoe” of choice. Whatever the case, we get it—something as simple as putting on the perfect pair can be the cherry on top of your day.

So in honor of practicing self-care and savoring the little things in life, we’ve rounded up the best slippers you can find online to treat your feet to a bit of bliss. From shearling-lined moccasins to too-cute-to-be-slippers slippers, you’ll find your ideal style on this list. Whether you’re searching for a fluffy set that unapologetically announces relaxation or you take a more subtle, sleeker approach, we’ve got you (and your feet) covered.

Here, the best slippers around.

HAY Waffle Slippers

Waffle Slippers

Courtesy of HAY

Lightweight and airy, HAY’s waffle slippers prove that sometimes, simple is best. Made with breathable cotton that’s woven into a waffle pattern for optimal absorbance, these slip-ons are ideal for shuffling about in summertime or if you live in a warm climate. A grippy rubber bottom prevents slips, and they’re even machine washable to help them stay fresh. 

Choose from soft yellow, peach, or sky blue hues, or heck (at this price), spring for all three. And thanks to all of the above, these slippers make wonderful gifts, so keep them in mind when it’s time for holiday shopping.

L.L. Bean Women’s Wicked Good Moccasins

Women’s Wicked Good Moccasins - L.L. Bean

 Courtesy of L.L. Bean

There’s no denying that L.L. Bean’s moccasins are wicked good. It’s all thanks to super-supple sheepskin and cushy fur lining which is both moisture-wicking and indulgently soft.

These moccasins are available in six colors and finished with durable rubber tread on the bottom, so there’s no need to change when you’re stepping out for the mail. But be warned: These moccasins will spoil you for life because you’ll never want to purchase another pair. If you’re still not convinced, their record for four million sales in five years may change your mind.

Soludos Offline Cozy Slippers

Offline Cozy Slippers

Courtesy of Soludos

In search of a high-quality faux fur option? This chic pair from Soludos will do the trick! Made with soft suede on the outside and snuggly fluff on the inside, slipping these on your feet feels like a mini vacation. And in case people don’t get the hint that you’re in the zone, the cheeky “Offline” stitching is a nice way of saying you don’t want to be bothered.

The bottom of these slides is rubber, which is great for two reasons: One, they won’t get ruined when you have to take the dog out; and two, they won’t wear out when they inevitably become your weekend footwear of choice.

Sasawashi Room Shoes

Sasawashi Room Shoes

 Courtesy of Verishop

Room shoes are traditional in Japanese culture, and if you want your feet to stay comfy all day—without feeling like you’ve just rolled out of bed—they’ll become your footwear of choice.

Sasawashi’s Room Shoes are made with authentic Sasawashi material, a blend of absorbent and humidity-regulating washi paper fibers and antibacterial, deodorizing kumazasa leaves. Sewn into a structured shoe, they’ll keep your feet comfortable all day long—in other words, a must-have WFH accessory.

P.S.: If you have guests that like to keep their feet covered but you prefer they leave their footwear at the door, consider picking up an extra pair to have on hand.

UGG Tasman Slipper

UGG Tasman Slipper - UGG
 Courtesy of UGG 

The Tasman is the best of both worlds: Its clog-like style offers structure, support, and even the look of a shoe, while its fluff-filled interior provides the sink-in comfort of a slipper. It comes in six rich shades of suede complete with intricate embroidery around the opening for a house shoe that’s beautifully crafted. 

While UGGs are made with real sheepskin and fur, you’ll be happy to know that the company is committed to upholding animal welfare standards, only sourcing from suppliers that practice the humane treatment of animals. So while you’re treating your feet to some well-deserved relaxation, your conscience can rest assured, too. 

RiLEY Wool-Blend Slippers

Wool-Blend Slippers

 Courtesy of RiLEY

Fans of minimalist luxury will fall in love with RiLEY’s sleek indoor (and outdoor-ish) footwear. Made with a fabric wool blend, these slippers have everything you need and nothing you don’t: Warm, yet breathable all-day comfort, a cushioned sole, a no-slip bottom, and just enough structure. These slip-ons are available in a shade of gray that goes with anything (and let’s face it, it’s the color you’d choose anyway.)

Keep in mind that the stylish simplicity of these slippers makes them wonderful for gifting, too. All in all, they’re plenty fabulous without the excess fuss and frills.

Sorel Nakiska Scuff Slipper

Women’s Nakiska Scuff Slipper

 Courtesy of Sorel

Sorel’s stylish Nakiska slippers don’t just feel nice, they look polished, too. They come in two quilted colors—black and dark green—with a strip of suede detailing at the heel to add a touch of sophistication. There’s also a third felt-and-suede combo in contrasting light and dark gray. 

But these scuffers have more than good looks. They’re lined with lush faux shearling, and the tough rubber outsole means slip-proof strolling, inside and out. Grab this pair if you want some house shoes that are snuggly without screaming “I’m ready for a nap!” when you go to answer the door.

Hatch Chilote Mama Slipper

Chilote Mama Slipper

 Courtesy of Hatch

Hatch’s Chilote Mama Slippers are like chunky knit sweaters for your feet. Made with thick wool yarn, plus a strip of textured salmon leather to make the bottoms more durable, they’re handcrafted in Patagonia by local artisans who use renewable materials. The result is a unique pair of slippers that’s wonderfully textural, ethically-made, and unquestionably on-trend.

As a brand that caters to moms during pregnancy and after baby, Hatch’s slippers are perfect for moms-to-be and newly postpartum parents. Whether she has swollen feet or is expecting guests to come and go, these will keep her toes (fashionably) toasty.

Minnetonka Olivia Slipper

Olivia Slipper

 Courtesy of Minnetonka

This spa-inspired slipper is essential if your self-care includes DIY pampering! The Olivia is made with a soft terry cloth exterior, and you’ll love slipping into these padded flip-flops after treating your feet to some buffing and moisturizing after stepping out of the bathtub. Its open-toe style allows freshly polished toes to air dry, plus your feet will stay cool in a steamy bathroom. 

Ready to relax? Grab these slippers, a robe, and your favorite products (AKA sheet masks, nail polish, and exfoliators galore), and you’ll be set for a spa day right at home. Even after your pedi is set, you’ll want to lounge in these all day long.

Jessica Simpson Comfy Faux Fur Slippers

With oodles of happy customers, it’s safe to say these adorable, affordable Jessica Simpson slippers have reached cult-favorite status. Made with synthetic materials (read: vegan), the exterior consists of a suede-like fabric, and the inside is lined and trimmed with a plush layer of faux fur. You’ll also love how they contain a thick layer of memory foam, giving you cloud-like comfort with each step. 

Snag this set in nine color combos from classic tan with white and brown fur to black accented with leopard print. With so many happy buyers—and such an affordable price tag—you really can’t go wrong.