The One Small Bathroom Decorating Mistake a Designer Wants You to Avoid

So, you've found the perfect apartment or house that ticks just about every box on your list—there's just one little problem. Most homes require some sort of compromise, whether that's trading a longer commute for bigger rooms or the perfect backyard for a cramped kitchen (just to name a few common scenarios). Among the many real estate flaws overlooked in favor of a home's more impressive qualities is a small bathroom.

Most homes have a least one bathroom that's seriously lacking in square footage, but that's no reason to discount a space. There's actually quite a few ways to make any tiny bathroom feel like the master suite. All it takes is a few carefully placed decorations, the right type of storage, and a bit of optimism to make it happen.

In order to glean some of the best small bathroom ideas from a pro, we tapped Decorist Elite Designer Baylee Floyd of Baylee Deyon Design. While she has many ideas for how to make a small space feel bigger, there's also one major decorating mistake that she wants you to avoid. "A common mistake I see a lot of people make when decorating a small bathroom is thinking that just because they have a small space, they can't have storage," she tells MyDomaine. However, according to her, a small bathroom doesn't mean you should opt for a pedestal sink instead of something with drawers and hidden storage.

Ready for more tips and tricks that will make your small bathroom seem much bigger? Keep reading for some of Floyd's best small bathroom ideas.