11 Simple Rules That Make a Small Bedroom Feel Like a Master

If you are a metropolitan city dweller you probably know space is a luxury—but in the age of the tiny home, thriving in small abodes aren’t a colossal concern to design lovers. In fact, it’s often an opportunity to show off just how innovative one can get. Is it just me or is there something charming about a quaint room? Like a cocoon, it can become your retreat from hectic modern life, a place with no space for the extra clutter (minimalists rejoice), and a breeze to clean up (read on for Mari Kondo approved tips).

In a way, downsizing your belongings to the necessities and making purposeful design decisions that are not only beautiful but functional sounds almost therapeutic. Using unpredictable hacks, and a few tricks fit for an illusionist, you can turn you small sleeping arrangement from pint size to downright productive.

If you’re still not convinced that small sleeping spaces are awesome just look to the French. It’s common practice for young Parisian’s to live in a studio and even sleep in a twin bed and look at all the beauty rest they seem to be getting? But French sleeping habits aside, we enlisted the help of interior design experts to share their tips and tricks for making a small bedroom feel bigger.