These 15 Candles Will Turn Your Home Into the Soothing Sanctuary We All Need

Lighting a candle just might be the quickest way to transform a room. Sure, you can add a new throw blanket, update your pillows, or place a new plant in a room for a speedy, low-cost update, but adding a new candle can make a space feel completely different in minutes.

The right scent can make you feel relaxed, energized, romantic, or cozy almost instantly. Depending on the room and the mood you want to evoke, a candle can help you create just about any atmosphere. For instance, if you're ready for a relaxing night in, you might draw a bath and light a candle that gives off hints of soothing lavender. Of if you feel like making a space feel warm and inviting, you can put out a candle that smells of spice and amber.

To help you pick out the best smelling candles no matter your desired scent, we've rounded up 15 options, each with their own fragrance combinations. Once you've chosen your favorite, all you have to do is light a match to set the mood.