The Best Soups to Make When You Don't Have Time to Cook

There comes a time every winter when you peer into your pantry and declare enough is enough… No. More. Pasta. Sure, it's the staple dish in a busy woman's midweek menu, but there are a ton of other quick and easy one-pot meals that are just as flavorful and hearty. 

If your grocery-shopping routine consists of going into autopilot and finding yourself in the pasta aisle, it's time to switch it up. Here, we went in search of the best soup recipes that tick all the boxes: They're easy to prepare (most take under 15 minutes), can be made ahead of time (because sometimes the thought of cooking after work is just too much), and they introduce a multitude of rich flavors to reinvigorate your taste buds (they're anything but boring). 

Heat the stove, and whip up a pot of warm and hearty soup—it's just what you need to power through the cold months. 

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