Our Favorite Sparkling Wines Right Now

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Toast to better bubbles with these exceptional sparkling wines.

As rich as a merlot may be or as buttery as a chardonnay is upon first sip, there's something extra special about a sparkling wine. Although perfect while sipped poolside or enjoyed under the shade on a warm day, sparkling wine can be indulged in year-round. Just the right amount of bubbles and notes of green apple, cherries, red raspberry and other lush fruit make sparkling wine ideal for celebrations or just enjoying some much-needed me time.

Keep reading to see our list of the best sparkling wines right now.

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A can of white bubbly wine.
VINNY Wines VINNY Blanc $5

A bubbly combination of Grüner Veltliner and Dry Riesling, VINNY Blanc is a sparkling white wine that's perfect for transitioning into the cooler seasons. With this sparkling wine, there are flavorful notes of green apple, lemon and lime. VINNY Blanc is available in a chic can, making it ideal for individual servings with less waste. As the latest addition to the VINNY line, VINNY Blanc joins the equally bubbly VINNY Rosé.

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Apothic Sparkling Red

Bottle of red sparkling wine.
Apothic Wines Sparkling Red $11

A limited-edition release from Apothic Wines, Apothic Sparkling Red awakens notes of bright cherries, flavorful citrus and red apples. A chic black bottle adorned with ruby writing gives this sparkling wine an added level of luxury. Described as a "complete departure" from your typical sparkling wine, Apothic Sparkling Red will be available for purchase for a limited time only.

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Archer Roose Red Spritz

Can of sparkling red wine.
Archer Roose Red Spritz $11

Another sparkling red wine, Archer Roose Red Spritz is on the dryer end, but is still best served chilled. A lighter option for sparkling wine lovers, Archer Roose Red Spritz is a 6% ABV wine that is only 90 calories per serving. For those who live for a good pairing, this spritz can be paired with charcuterie or grilled meats and veggies.

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Sterling Vineyards 2016 Sterling Vintner's Collection Prosecco DOC

Black bottle of prosecco.
Sterling Vineyards 2016 Sterling Vintner's Collection Prosecco DOC $18

Aromas of white peach, honeydew and juicy pear are likely to hit you first as you sip on Sterling Vineyards' crisp 2016 Sterling Vintner's Collection Prosecco DOC. The grapes used in this particular sparkling wine are hand harvested from the vineyards in the foothills of the Alps, in Italy’s northern DOC Veneto region. This region's high altitude allows the grapes to retain their acidity, amplifying the taste of this prosecco.

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Mionetto Prestige Rosé Extra Dry

Bottle of sparkling rose wine.
Mionetto Prestige Rosé Extra Dry $16

Serving as an addition to Mionetto's Prestige collection, the winery's Rosé Extra Dry is created through the soft pressing of red grapes. An ideal companion for pairing with light appetizers, grilled turkey breast or fish, Mionetto Prestige Rosé Extra Dry boasts a well-balanced acidity and notes of red raspberry and strawberry.

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La Marca Prosecco

Bottle of Prosecco wine.
La Marca Prosecco $12

La Marca Prosecco is an Italian wine that works effortlessly well with sparkling cocktails. In addition to everyone's favorite boozy brunch staple, La Marca Prosecco can be used in the gin-based White Lily and Bourbon & Bubbles cocktails. Those who opt to indulge in this prosecco will take note of its soft golden color, which is accompanied by notes of fresh citrus, honey and white flowers.

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Mezzacorona Mezza di Mezzacorona Rosé

Bottle of sparkling rose wine.
Mezzacorona Mezza di Mezzacorona Rosé $12.99

A new addition to the Mezzacorona portfolio, Mezza di Mezzacorona Rosé is carefully crafted using estate-grown grapes plucked from the foothills of the Italian Alps. A vibrant blush color, this sparkling wine is intense in flavor, summoning hints of mountain rose, fresh cherry, peach and bergamot. Aesthetically speaking, an artfully decorated label makes Mezza di Mezzacorona Rosé a visually appealing addition to your collection of sparkling wines.

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Oceans Away Sparkling Pineapple Wine

Oceans Away
Oceans Away Sparkling Pineapple Wine $23

If the colorful packaging wasn't indicator enough, Oceans Away's Sparkling Pineapple Wine is a celebration in a can. In addition to vibrant pineapple notes, this sparkling wine also boasts tropical notes of mango and coconut. A turquoise can covered in retro pineapple art makes Oceans Away's Sparkling Pineapple Wine a fun way to enjoy sparkling wine.

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JaM Cellars Toast Sparkling Wine

Bottle of sparkling wine.
JaM Cellars Toast Sparkling Wine $24

Created to keep the celebration going, JaM Cellars' Toast Sparkling Wine is a California-style sparkling wine with serious flavor. Whiffs of melon, white peach and orange blossom deliciously transition into tropical pineapple and ripe honeydew.

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Jacqueline Leonne Rosé

Jacqueline Leonne
Jacqueline Leonne Rosé $4

With the increased popularity in canned wines, Jacqueline Leonne now offers a canned version of their rosé. Available in a dainty pink can, the medium-boded Jacqueline Leonne Rosé comes alive with notes of raspberries and other red berries.

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