The Best Sports Bras Out There Right Now

A sports bra is the cornerstone of every gym kit. You want something that offers ample support without rendering you stiff and unable to stretch your arms. You're also after something that can handle being washed often and doesn't mind spending days rattling around your bag with your less-than-gentle trainers.

And while it isn't always the top priority over functionality, we all want something that actually looks good too, even if we're not fans of gym selfies. Like all new investments, it's best to seek peer recs when shopping for a new sports bra. And that's exactly what we've done. We've called upon the fittest women we know—from marathon runners to HIIT addicts—to tell us about the sports bras they rely on.

Danielle Peazer

best sports bra: Danielle Peazer wearing Sweaty Betty sports bra
@ daniellepeazer

"Sweaty Betty is known for quality activewear. I love that this bra [by Sweaty Betty] is reversible; I tend to only wear black workout wear, but it's good to have the option of a pop of color every now and again. It also don't have anything unnecessary about it like extra straps or bits hanging off, which to me is exactly what activewear should be—practical and comfortable. If it can be pretty and flattering too, that's an added bonus!"

Amy Hopkinson, Digital Editor at Women's Health UK

best sports bra: Amy Hopkinson wearing Lululemon sports bra

“I’ll open admit that I like to do as least washing as possible, so I regularly do away with a top over my sports bra. As such, I’m big on bras that are more like a crop. You’ll often find me training in longline bras like this one from Lululemon. It offers medium support (key for bodyweight workouts) and wicks sweat. I rarely wear natural fabrics for gym workouts as I don’t like sweat to sit on my skin or show on my clothes.”

best sports bra: Lululemon Energy Bra Long Line
Lululemon Energy Bra Long Line $58

Becs Gentry, Personal Trainer

best sports bras: Becs Gentry in Nike sports bra
@ becsgentry

"My favorite sports bra has to be the Nike Classic Swoosh. It's a simple bra designed for medium-impact sports; however, as small-chested woman, I find it provides me the most perfect level of support and comfort for all my runs. Nike DriFit technology is always advancing, and the bra seems to be getting better and better at sweat-wicking. I'm dry within a short period of time after training, and I never experience chaffing from this style, no matter the distance I cover."

Amy Lawrenson, editorial director at Byrdie UK

best sports bra: Amy Lawrenson doing yoga
@ amy_lawrenson

"This sports bra [by Sweaty Betty] got me through two marathons and quite a fair few runs in between. If you're looking for something that supports you while you run (read: stops the bounce and jiggle) without feeling restrictive, tight or uncomfortable, this is the bra for you. It's also great for high-intensity workout classes too."

Sarah Guild, Director at Brandstand Communications

best sports bra: Sarah Guild at end of Royal Parks Half Marathon
@ sarah_guild

"I've always considered myself pretty fit, but I quickly realized my mind, body and, in fact, sportswear would be stretched to whole new levels thanks to endurance test that is marathon training. For me, and being admittedly swayed easily by new brands and fashion, Sweaty Betty ticks all my boxes, delivering both fashion and functional wear. I've been training for the final few weeks in the lead-up to marathon day in its Infinity Workout Bras teamed with a Breeze Run Vest, which have made for the perfect combo. I may have also treated myself to the brand's limited-edition Union Jack–printed Infinity Bra for the main event. With the queen cutting the ribbon on race day, I couldn't resist having a little fun with my kit and making the patriotic purchase!"

Talilla Henchoz, Head of Brand at 1Rebel

best sports bra: Talilla Henchoz wearing Nike sports bra
@ talillahenchoz

"This is one of the few sports bras that gives me full support when I'm smashing out a HIIT session, yet it doesn't feel bulky or overly padded. I pretty much wear activewear 24/7, and what makes this bra a favorite is the fact it can be worn everyday too, and styled with jeans, a baggy top and boots. I'm obsessed with the white-and–pastel blue combo, too—the ultimate motivation to get a tanned and toned upper body."

best sports bras: Nike Indy Soft Light Support Sports Bra
Nike Indy Soft Light Support Sports Bra $35

Alyss Bowen, Associate Social Media Editor at Byrdie UK

best sports bra: Alyss Bowen at the gym
@ alyssbowen

"On any given week, I work out around four to five times, which means I practically wear (and wash) my sports bras most nights. Because of that, I need something that feels comfortable but doesn't break the bank either. My favorite is the Nike Classic Swoosh Medium-Support bra. It comes in my favorite range of workout colors (black, white and grey—what can I say, I'm minimal) and makes me feel supported without feeling restricted when running or doing a burpee during my favorite HIIT class. Basically, it's the perfect suits-all workouts bra, and I have at least 6."

best sports bra: Nike Classic Swoosh Medium Support Sports Bra
Nike Classic Swoosh Medium Support Sports Bra $30

So now you know which sports bras you can truly rely on. And besides, investing in new kit is the best motivation to get back on the fitness bandwagon, right?

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