These Are the Best 5 States for Working Women in 2017


Christian Vierig/Getty

There is a number of rankings that list the top places in the world to live based on taxes, shopping, or even work/life balance. But most ratings don't take into account the female experience. A new list put together by MoveHub took a look at the gender pay gap, political representation in the state legislature, equality in education, accessibility to health insurance, reproductive rights, and even number of incidents of violence against women in each state in the United States to determine the best states for women to live and work in 2017. Though recent political changes seem to have set progress back when it comes to women's rights and well-being, these five states are leading the way in providing women with the highest quality of life, especially when it comes to the aspects considered above.

1. Hawaii

2. Vermont

3. Minnesota

4. Illinois

5. Maryland

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