Fill His Stocking With Gifts He Will Use

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Choosing worthy stocking stuffers for the men in your life may be fun, but undoubtedly, it’s a challenge. Not only must each gadget, trinket, and doo-dad fit into an oversized sock, but choosing A+ gifts for men can be a tricky task, in general…

Tricky, that is, if you don’t know where to look. But luckily, we do, and we’re sharing our top stocking stuffer picks with male recipients in mind. So go ahead and cross your teenage son, husband, dad, and grandfather off the list, because we’ve got picks to fill their stockings to the brim.

Below, the best stocking stuffers for men that you can find.

Best Drinkware: BenShot USA Bullet Rocks Glass

Bullet Rocks Glass

Not only are these arguably the coolest rocks glasses ever, they’ll fit right in a stocking. BenShot Bullet Rocks Glasses are made with real copper .308 bullets that are lodged into thick, quality glass. Hand sculpted here in the USA, they’re guaranteed to please your favorite cocktail or liquor lover. 

BenShot has several styles of drinkware to choose from, including shot and pint glasses. They’ll even custom engrave for a more personal touch

Best Apron: Hedley & Bennett The Essential Apron

The Essential Apron - Blackberry

Wearing an apron in the kitchen or by the grill doesn’t have to mean donning Grandma’s floral smock. This tough denim Blackberry Modern Apron is designed for utility and with today’s cooks in mind: It features a large front pocket where he can stash a pen and his phone (of course), two lap pockets, and a loop on the side for hanging tongs or a towel.

Complete with handsome accents like an adjustable navy neck strap and cranberry-colored waist tie, the recipient will look like a pro. Whether he’s actually a good cook is a different story.

Best Condiment: Above Water Lava - Habanero Hot Sauce - 500mg

Lava - Habanero Hot Sauce

Is the giftee in question a hot sauce aficionado who’s always eager to try new kinds? Then he’ll be excited to give Above Water’s CBD-infused condiment a taste as soon as he digs it out of his stocking. 

This habanero sauce is made with fresno peppers, garlic, spices, hibiscus leaves, carrots, and onions for full-bodied flavor and a hefty kick of heat. Then, of course, there’s the CBD, which will help him feel chill despite his mouth full of fire.

When he inevitably brings this hot sauce to the Christmas brunch table, just remind him: This stuff isn’t for kids.

Best Coffee: Uncommon Goods Bourbon Infused Coffee

Bourbon Infused Coffee

His favorite beverage just got an update. Made of beans infused with a touch of Kentucky's finest, the unique caffeinated blend is a special addition to brunch or for unwinding after dinner.

And if you want to use it for your morning brew don't fret. The blend doesn't actually contain any Bourbon, so you'll be fine for your any early meetings.

Best Puzzle: Areaware Little Puzzle Thing

Areaware little puzzle thing

Foodie or not, any guy in your life can appreciate these miniature jigsaw puzzles that are so realistic they'll want to take a bite when they're done. The puzzles, which are available in tons of different food and drink options, are designed to be completed in 20 minutes or less so it's the perfect brain teaser to do alone or with others.

Best Mug: Fellow Carter Move Mug

Carter Move Mug

True caffeine connoisseurs know that traditional to-go mugs trap that roasted bean aroma. They can be awkward to grip or put in cup holders. Worst of all, poor designs lead to splash-back and inferior materials taint contents with a plastic-y or metallic taste. 

But the Carter Move Mug is clever. It has a ceramic coating that won’t emit or absorb tastes and odors, plus a wide-mouth opening that releases that heavenly coffee smell. Its thin lip is easy to sip from and a snap-in splash guard prevents sloshing.

It’s also comfortable to grip, keeps drinks hot for up to 12 hours (or cold for 24 hours), and fits flawlessly in cup holders … and stockings. Bravo!

Best Record Player: Teeny Tiny Record Player

Teeny Tiny Record Player

The music lover in your life won't be able to resist the charm of this mini record player. Complete with three records and decorative stickers, the record player actually plays nostalgic jams like classic rock and jazz. The best part? It's so portable you can move it around your home at any time and even travel with it.

Best Fragrance: Le Labo Discovery Set

Discovery Set

When a man in your life smells good, it’s a gift to you, too. This year, try treating him to a scent that’s really special and outside the realm of your average department store cologne. 

Enter, Le Labo’s fine fragrances. These unisex perfumes are hand-blended to order to ensure that each bottle is crafted with care. And, with five of the brand's most beloved fragrances included, the Discovery Set is the perfect way for him to decide on his new signature scent.

Lord Jones OId-Fashioned Hemp-Derived CBD Gum Drops

OId-Fashioned Hemp-Derived CBD Gum Drops

A nostalgic treat with a dose of CBD? That’s a winner in our book. A box of Lord Jones’ famous gumdrops is a goody that'll provide a moment of zen in his day. Each gummy has 20mg of full-spectrum CBD, and delivered in candy form, it’ll definitely make him smile.

In addition to their classic old-fashioned box, you can also get these gumdrops in grapefruit, sugarplum, and the limited edition blood orange flavor. Keep out of reach of the kiddos!

Best Grooming: Scotch Porter Beard Collection

Beard Collection

Your favorite facial-haired fella can keep his mane in tip-top shape with this set of grooming products. The Beard Collection includes essentials for keeping each hair smooth, moisturized, and neatly in place.

This set includes beard wash, conditioner, balm, and serum in a scent that’s “masculine but floral” with carnations, musk, and spice. In addition to looking its best, his beard will be thicker and healthier than ever before. Plus, all four items are conveniently stocking-sized. 

Best Card Deck: Mark & Graham Mini Playing Cards

Mini Playing Cards

Poker players and Go Fish experts alike will enjoy this card came set that includes two miniature decks. When the game is over the cards will sit pretty in a faux leather case, which is available in three colors and can be monogrammed with your favorite guy's initials.

Once the game is over the set can even be used as a stylish decor piece on a coffee table or a curated shelf so the recipient is the real winner no matter how well they play.

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