The Best Stocking Stuffers That Women Actually Want

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Opening stocking stuffers is always a highlight of Christmas morning. But if the giftee is a grown woman—be it your wife, sister, mom, grandmother, or teenaged daughter—picking a handful of goodies she actually wants can be a challenge.

Luckily, there’s a slew of chic, exciting, useful little trinkets to fill any lucky lady’s stocking, from wallet-friendly gifts to small splurges.

Short on inspiration? Read on. We’ve gathered the best stocking stuffer ideas for women so you can turn her stocking into a treasure trove of treats.

Best DIY Kit: Roxanne Assoulin You Do It... Candy Bracelet Kit

You Do It... Candy Bracelet Kit

Roxanne Assoulin is famous for her colorful beaded jewelry but with this kit, recipients will be able to take the design matters into their own hands, literally. The set includes 30 enamel beads, two gold-tone plated end caps and a tan string with button closure that'll come together for a gorgeous custom design.

Best Hair Accessory: TELETIES Grey Hound 3-Pack

Teleties 3-Pack

Any long-haired lady knows it’s essential to have a hair tie handy to tame her mane. But while regular elastics can damage and pull hair, create creases, and restrict circulation when around the wrist, Teleties solve all three pony problems.

Teleties come in small, large, and even tiny sizes, as well as headbands, making them the perfect stocking stuffer for women and girls of all ages and hair types. If you’re worried about stretching, fear not; when placed in a dish of warm water, Teleties shrink right back to normal.

Best Fitness: Chronicle Books Yoga Dice

Yoga Dice

Whether they're just getting started or have been practicing for years, yogis at any level will appreciate this dice set. Complete with seven dice that illustrate a variety of poses—sun salutation, standing, balancing, seated, forward bend, and core—the set makes it easy to master old moves, practice new ones, and create unique flows every day.

Best Glasses: VisionGlobal Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue Light Glasses

If the recipient in mind spends lots of time in front of a screen (and who doesn’t these days?), a pair of blue light glasses is a holiday gift she’ll truly appreciate. But not just glasses will do; a pair that’s effective and helps her feel chic and professional during her Zoom meetings are guaranteed to do the trick. 

Available in 20 colors, these stylish square frames are designed with a seven-layer anti-reflective coating so they'll reduce eye strain and help her sleep better. Plus, you can even get them with specific magnifications so she can alternate between her everyday pair and these.

Best Personalized: Social Print Studio Tiny Books

Tiny Books

Use this sentimental stocking stuffer to put all the giftee’s favorite memories in one adorable package. Social Print Studio’s Tiny Books are like miniature hardcover photo albums that can fit right in her purse or pocket. Even better, they’re magnetic, so they can stick to the refrigerator or to each other.

Tiny Books come in sets of three, so you choose: You can give the entire set to one recipient, or stash them in three different stockings to share the love.

Best Hand Sanitizer: Curie White Tea Hydrating Hand Sanitizer

White Tea Hydrating Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are the latest must-have accessory but one that also doubles as skincare? Now we're talking. Available in three scents—White Tea, Orange Neroli, Grapefruit—the Hydrating Hand Sanitizer contains hyaluronic acid, prickly pear seed oil, and glycerin so your hands will be smooth and moisturized at all times.

Best Plant: Modern Sprout Prickly Pear Cactus Terracotta Grow Kit

Prickly Pear Cactus Terracotta Grow Kit

No green thumb is required for this cactus grow kit, which comes with a set of seeds and a terracotta pot for easy planting. All she has to do is add water, place it in sunlight and watch the cactus come to life. Before she knows it she'll be a total plant lady.

Best Bath Bomb: Life Elements CBD Pine Bath Bomb

CBD Bath Bomb

Whether she’s battling stress, soreness, or she loves indulging in baths, a CBD bath bomb will ensure she has a sumptuous soak. The woodsy scent of Life Elements’ Pine Bath Bomb is especially festive for the season, and even better, it’s strong.

While many similar products contain less than 100 milligrams of CBD, this Pine Bath Bomb has 200 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD for ultimate relaxation and pain relief.

The bath bomb comes beautifully packaged for easy gifting and safe storage. Thanks to its round shape, you can slide it right into the toe of a stocking.

Best Candles: Anthropologie Voluspa Mini Glass Candles, Set of 3

Mini Glass Candles

Set in embossed colored glass, the candles in Voluspa’s stunning trios look as lovely as they smell. There’s the vanilla and floral-infused Pink Rose set, which come in three shades of pink; the pastel Celebration set, with scents inspired by champagne and dessert; and the Ambers and Wood set, a threesome of woodsy and spicy smells in earthy-colored jars. 

With the ability to bring atmospheric charm to any tabletop, mantel, or fireplace, the recipient will love unwrapping this posh gift and displaying it in her home.

Best Snack: Joolies Organic Medjool Pitted Dates-Pitted Snack Pack

Medjool Dates Snack Pack

Sweet as candy but nourishing as fruit, Joolies snack-sized boxes are worthy stocking fillers. But what, exactly, are Joolies, you ask? They're fresh organic Medjool dates that are plump, pitted, and ready for eating. 

Available in packs of eight, use these boxes to top off stockings for your whole family. Grown-ups will love that they’re healthy, kids will like that they’re snackable, and everyone will love that they're naturally delicious and chewy.

Best Tech: Urban Outfitters USB Cup Heater

USB Cup Heater

If coffee is a must-have in her morning routine she'll definitely appreciate this handy mug warmer. All she has to do is plus the USB-powered heater into her laptop and her first (and second) cup of coffee will be at the perfect temperature through all of her morning meetings. Plus, it even makes for a cute desk accessory that'll liven up her WFH set up.

Best Beauty Tool: KITSCH Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Rose Quartz Facial Roller

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to enhance a skincare routine is by massaging serums and creams into the skin with a stone roller. Made with rose quartz and complementary rose gold, KITSCH’s gorgeous little gadget will help optimize the products your giftee already loves. That’s because it distributes them evenly without letting any go to waste while increasing circulation to brighten her overall complexion. 

She’ll love how using a cool, smooth stone roller feels refreshing after a long day or when she’s groggy in the morning. Pro tip: Tell her to store it in the refrigerator to enhance the sensation.

Best Astrology: Seeing Stars Book

Seeing Stars Book

This gift is written in the stars, literally. The horoscope reader in your life will love this book, which focuses on what's in store for specific signs as well as the ancient background of astrology. You can even buy them a trilogy for their sun, moon, and rising sun signs.

Best Skincare: Primally Pure Starter Kit

Starter Kit

Six stocking stuffers in one? Yes, please! This non-toxic skincare and home brand utilizes natural ingredients in its range of luxury-level products.

The Starter Kit, one of Primally Pure's best sellers, is the best way to sample what the company has to offer. Included is a deodorant, body butter, three lip balms, and the Everything Spray, a multitasking elixir that can soothe skin with a spritz.

This set comes with an organic cotton mesh bag, making it especially giftable; although, we wouldn’t judge you if you decided to wrap and stash each of these treats individually.

Best Water Bottle: Rifle Paper Co. 16 oz. Canteen

Water Bottle

You know what they say: get yourself a water bottle that can do both. And this floral printed water bottle certainly delivers. With the ability to keep drinks cold for up to 25 hours and warm for up to 12 hours, the 16-oz bottle is a jack of all trades that'll always deliver your favorite beverages just how you like them.

In addition to a secure screw cap, it's cup-holder friendly, too, so she can bring it along on road trips just as easily as she can keep it on her desk without spillage.

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