The Best Stout Beers if You're in the Mood for Something Delicious This Winter

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If you thought hot-buttered rums and spiked eggnogs were the only boozy options worth sipping this season, think again. One under-the-radar option for those eager for winter drinks is stout beer. Typically dark in color, stouts come in several different varieties, including milk, oatmeal, and imperial stout. Although stouts can be sipped all year long, winter usually welcomes a bevy of flavored stouts. For the pumpkin spice latte lovers, you can expect an assortment of pumpkin stouts. Care for something a little more unique? How about a stout beer that's brewed with habanero peppers?

No matter what type of stout you're a fan of, these should appeal to just about any taste.

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Guinness Over The Moon Milk Stout

Can of beer.
Guinness Over The Moon Milk Stout $10

At only 5.3% ABV, Guinness' Over The Moon Milk Stout is perfect for casual sipping. As a milk stout, this particular brew is on the sweeter side (milk sugar is used in the brewing process). The result is a stout beer that is both sweet and creamy, with dessert-like notes of cocoa, caramel, fresh coffee, and sweet fruit.

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Two Pitchers Bayou Milk Stout

Can of stout beer.
Two Pitchers Bayou Milk Stout $12

The good times are sure to roll with Two Pitchers' Bayou Milk Stout. It's a brew that's crafted using New Orleans-style coffee, which uses chicory (the root of a blue-flowered perennial plant) in the brewing process. Available from September to March, the Bayou Milk Stout is another offering that is deliciously sweet and creamy. The addition of spicy hops to this unique brew creates a well-rounded option for anything looking to try something new.

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Rogue Double Chocolate Stout

Bottle of beer.
Rogue Double Chocolate Stout $13

Double the chocolate is always a good idea, even when it comes to stouts. Chocolate lovers may find themselves immediately drawn to Rogue's Double Chocolate stout that leans heavily on the dessert side with a flavor profile reminiscent of chocolate syrup. Notes of vanilla and a rich, creamy taste seal the deal.

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Burnt Hickory Big Shanty Graham Cracker Stout

Can of beer.
Burnt Hickory Big Shanty Graham Cracker Stout $10

If you thought graham crackers were relegated to simply serving as the delicious backbone to s'mores, then you're in for quite the surprise. The graham cracker serves as the inspiration behind Georgia-based Burnt Hickory's Big Shanty Graham Cracker Stout. Amazingly enough, this boozy offering from Burnt Hickory is made using real graham cracker crumbs and honey. Don't let these sweet additions fool you; this stout still manages to keep its hoppy bitterness.

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Boulevard Whiskey Barrel Stout

Package of stout beers.
Boulevard Whiskey Barrel Stout $16

You don't have to be a hardcore stout sipper to know that there are plentiful options when it comes to barrel-aged stouts. Breweries both small and large seem eager to toss their brews into whiskey or other barrels to gift it with those warm, spicy notes. Such a variety of options can make choosing a barrel-aged stout tricky, but Boulevard Brewing Co. is here to remedy that problem with their Whiskey Barrel Stout. Brimming with flavor, this stout tastes of vanilla, espresso, whiskey, chocolate, roasted grain, and plums. Additionally, the Whiskey Barrel Stout stands at an unwavering 11.8% ABV.

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Good People Coffee Oatmeal Stout

Can of beer.
Good People Coffee Oatmeal Stout $10

Described as being both "complex and flavorful," the Coffee Oatmeal Stout from Good People prides itself on its ability to deliver big when it comes to robust coffee flavor, but also balances things out with a good helping of hops. Although this Coffee Oatmeal Stout is decadent and rich enough to serve as its own dessert, it does pair well with various chocolates and desserts.

For a more savory pairing, opt for shellfish or smoked meats.

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Samuel Smith's Organic Chocolate Stout

Bottle of stout beer.
Samuel Smith's Organic Chocolate Stout $9

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Samuel Smith's Organic Chocolate Stout is a favorite among brew enthusiasts, and for good reason. For one, Samuel Smith's Organic Chocolate is brewed using actual well water. And for those who prefer only the best of ingredients in their stout, this brew calls for roasted organic chocolate malt and organic cocoa. The result is a rich stout that will have you swapping out your boozy hot chocolate in no time.

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Breckenridge Nitro Chocolate Orange Stout

Can of stout beer.
Breckenridge Nitro Chocolate Orange Stout $19

The combination of chocolate and orange is one that is typically found at sweets-laden confectioneries and treat-filled bakeries. But leave it to a stout beer to artfully combine the two flavors for a brew that is a seasonal powerhouse. Breckenridge has managed to do just that with their Nitro Chocolate Orange Stout. Brewed with orange zest and locally-sourced cacao, Nitro Chocolate Orange Stout is a seasonal offering that is sweet, citrusy, and an all-around treat for the winter months.

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Terrapin Wake-n-Bake Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout

Can of beer.
Terrapin Wake-n-Bake Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout $14

Serving as the result of a collaboration between the Athens, Georgia-based Terrapin Beer Co. and Jittery Joes, Wake-n-Bake Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout is a full-bodied stout that is reminiscent of that inviting, first cup of coffee in the morning. And with an 8.1% ABV, it might even be as strong as your morning cup of Joe.

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Bell's Cherry Stout

Six-pack of stout beers.
Bell's Cherry Stout $15

Chocolate covered cherries, anyone? That's precisely the flavor profile you'll be met with after a sip of Bell's Cherry Stout. There is a bit of espresso as an aroma end, but there's plenty of chocolate richness and welcome cherry tartness to taste. Bell's Cherry Stout is a perfect pick for those who like their stouts with subtle notes of plum fruit.

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New Holland Dragon's Milk Reserve: Salted Caramel

Bottle of stout beer.
New Holland Dragon's Milk Reserve: Salted Caramel $18

When it comes to brew, salted caramel is a flavor that's pretty rare. This makes New Holland's Dragon's Milk Reserve: Salted Caramel that much more of a bold selection. As expected, there are notes of creamy caramel and sweet vanilla, making this stout heavy on the indulgent side.

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