These Are the 9 Podcasts We Couldn't Live Without This Summer


Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

Labor Day weekend is tailor-made for summer send-off rituals. This season, podcasts ruled the roost in terms of zeitgeist hype. So much so, it left us asking the question—are podcasts the new beach read? To explore the notion, we cultivated a list of our top nine broadcasts that had us continually coming back for more. If you're planning on soaking up some sun this weekend, these undeniably addictive serial series make for the perfect travel companion.

From in-depth interviews to unsolicited advice, our favorite hosts sound off on everything from career moves to bizarre historical anomalies. We know you'll echo our insatiable appetite for their unmitigated candor, raucous verve, and probing curiosity. Summer would not have been the same without them. These are the very fireside chats that made our morning commutes a joy and lengthy overseas flights a breeze. Lucky for you, they're here to stay indefinitely. Allow us to deal you in.